Firetank Stations News:  The fire engine has now been fused with the tank, the pit crew, the ambulance, and the flying saucer.
Firetank Stations
The Firetank Stations

Cool Feature:
(That was a pun!)  To quelch vehicle fires, these large fire-fighter vehicles called Fire-tanks (due to their resilience on the level of military tanks) float down over the burning vehicle, open their underbelly bay doors, land around the burning vehicle such that it ends up inside their treatment-bay, attach grappling devices to the burning vehicle, raise it up off the ground, seal their bay doors beneath it, vacuum out the atmosphere from this bay to starve the fire, and then begin to make repairs.  This makes the Firetanks a vehicle class which doubles as a race-track pit-crew.

When there are humans in the burning vehicle, instead of sucking out the oxygen right away to starve the fire, the humans can first be teleported out to medical tubes also housed within these large vehicles.​​  Nanites and other higher-tech means are then employed to almost instantly restore the burn-sufferers to their ideal physical states.

Inisfreean Inflammability:

Inisfreeans cannot be burned, even if inside a star or other nuclear explosion.  Thus, they require no flame-retardant or other protective suits.  Firefighter uniforms in Inisfree, thereby, are couture; form-fitting and custom-tailored to each Inisfreean wearing them.  Instead of being functional, instead they are for aesthetics; soothing eye-candy, which helps stabilize positive thought-loops in the minds of the Outlanders needing their assistance.  The power of the mind has profound effects in any and all situations, after all.  Inisfreeans use their beauty, fashion, and grace to tap into this timeless wisdom and healing energies well ('well' as in a 'water well').

Uniform Donning and Doffing:
As with the Storm Trooper (armored astronaut) suits the Inisfreean military personnel often wear (a beautiful, female version of the Starship Troopers (book series) and Halo (video game series) ODST uniforms), Inisfreean firefighter suits are teleported into place around the bodyparts of the Inisfreean using her mind's will to summon them with thought-commands via the 'by-mind' interface all Inisfreeans are constantly connected to; the Inisfreean Neural Network which telepathically (techno-pathically) helps to keep mentally united their Inisfreean collective.  Like in the Centurions cartoon, when their uniforms are summoned to them, all they have to do is stand there and wait for the donning and joining of the pieces to be complete.  This process takes only a few seconds, and looks like their firefighter uniforms softly ripple into existence and visibility around them, leaving nothing of their perfectly sexy physiques up to the imagination even under their uniform's layers.  Second-skins, after all, result in the highest degree of mobility and dexterity retention.  Like Tony Stark's Iron Man suit upgrades, these Inisfreean suits can be summoned and donned even when the summoner is running or moving in other dynamic, complex fashions; imagine an Inisfreean doing Le Parkour while their uniform appears just moments before they leap into the flaming building or vehicle's window!  Inisfreeans love to showcase their perfect timing...

Firefighter training as part of the standard curriculum in Inisfree means each Inisfreean can put out her own fires, thus vastly reducing the number of calls made to Inisfree's fire department.

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