Floating Oases Cylinders News:  Glamping sites are now perched atop some of these cylinders, tucked away amidst their oasis greens.
Floating Oases Cylinders
Floating Oases Cylinders

The Civilian Desert of Inisfree is, among other things, known for its amazing oasis by the small mountain range which borders on three sides this region of the city's property.  This is not the only oasis, though, for there are several more perched atop the skyscraper-sized, hovering, metallic-green cylinders in the corner of this desert nearest where the G.A.H. passes toward and under the Mountain-on-Corinthians.  Inspired by the floating buildings and other works of art and technical wizardry in the movie Thor, these floating, oases-capped cylinders very slowly move about their airborne orbit's focal point, 'bobbing', as it were.  In order to reach them and camp out (such as with 'glamping'; glamorous camping; very luxurious and well furnished tents, etc.), one must simply check out one of the Inisfreean repulsine-assisted crafts, such as an Owl, and fly all the way up there -or ask an Inisfreean to teleport you.

Dimensions & Layout:
The area of airspace which these hovering, slowly co-orbiting cylinders occupy over this desert region measures 462'x1,122' across, and about 500' from its lowest point in the sky to its highest. That's close to the dimensions of any one of the sequenced chambers that make up each of the city's topside gates; more than enough room to fit an aircraft carrier.  Most of the cylinders which float and orbit in this airspace are the size of tall buildings, almost skyscrapers.  A few are closer in form to curving panels, dozens of mansion-sized ones orbit along their outermost sides like little islands, and the central construct in this whole formation has an open-air stadium for its roof.

Special Features:
Orgies in the middle of cheering crowds packing every seat of the stadium atop the middle construct of this group of floating buildings are a regular occurrence here, and it is not uncommon for many thousands of Inisfreeans and their distinguished guests to be simultaneously participating, much like the sexual version of the game Musical Chairs.