Flower Tower Field News:  The first Inisfreean Olympic Games were hosted here in 2015, and the 125th by 2517; once every four years.
Flower Tower Field
Flower Tower Field

On this square mile of gently rolling, small, grassy hills stand the 10 Flower Towers; the premier sports facilities of the Inisfreean empire where world-class athletes meet from the far corners of all the realms in the mega-verse.  This, along with the Valhalla Resort ski slopes, are where these fitness legends practice, play, and compete for years on end with the hopes of being selected for the Inisfreean Olympic Games.

The Real Deal:
No AstroTurf is used on the playing fields of these sporting arenas, nor fake plants of any kind anywhere else in Inisfree, either. It is important and therapeutic for all players to feel real, fresh, healthy grass under their feet while they are standing and running, and against the rest of their skin when they dive, tackle, fall, or otherwise lie down. We also never cut or otherwise groom our playing field grass, instead planting only the grasses which grow to a natural height suitable for our sports games.

Team Colors:
In Inisfree, nudity is the general law and status quo, so in sporting events there are no jerseys or other uniforms to distinguish the different teams. Because of the invincible Inisfreean anatomy, we don't even need to wear sneakers or sports bras, so if you were impressed by the sexiness and revealing outfits of lingerie football in the Outlands, be prepared to watch entire games with your jaw dropping down to the floor in Inisfree. Instead of clothing-based uniforms, teams here are differentiated by which colors the Inisfreean girls set their hair and the irises of their eyes to be, and this can be any imaginable combination of colors, highlights, ribbons, and more. For visiting teams from the various Outland realms which are compatible with the Inisfreean Way, the players, always females, are allowed to distinguish their teams with colorful war paints, hair ribbons, fingerless gloves, armbands, garters, and/or sports bras. Cosmetics, such as makeup and hair dyes, are among the contraband banned from even being near the Perimeter Wall, much less inside our city, as are any concealing articles of clothing, for in Inisfree only the sexy are allowed (those who maintain high levels of fitness and the aesthetic), and only if they are nudists.

No Pads:
And since Inisfreeans can't get gashes, dislocations, torn tendons, concussions, or broken bones, they even play full-contact sports nude, tackling in football and rugby, bare-knuckle boxing, and sparring in Mixed Martial Arts without shin guards or any Other protective gear.
Final Note:
​​The flower tower designed for roller-hockey also doubles as a skater park.
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See what each of these flora-fashioned constructs looks like, which sport it is for, and which cheerleaders are for it:

  1: Baseball
  2: Basketball
  3: Football (Soccer)
  4: Hockey (Ice)
  5: Hockey (Street/Roller)
  6: Lacrosse
  7: Rugby
  8: Tennis
  9: Volleyball
10:​​​​​​​​​ Wrestling