Forest Temple News:  This temple now hides another of Inisfree's amazing subterranean dance clubs.
Forest Temple
Forest Temple

Like all Inisfreean temples, this one is not for the worship of alleged deities; rather, it is for the refined expressions of love toward present, tangible beings; the science of perfect healing which has been so restored and advanced that it appears to be on the level of the magics of lore. Instead of sermons and services, temples such as this one in Inisfree all have communal, timeless gatherings.  Instead of regurgitated chants and droning 'organ' 'music', these temples have wondrous, mesmerizing, truly aetherial songs and other forms of soothing music.  Being set in the FAU, this temple's theme is naturally that of the forests and elves; guest attire and conduct are expected to match.  And, given how closely the abbreviated name of that parent region is to that of the Fay, it should come as no surprise that a good number of them also reside and hang out here; there are fairies at this temple.

As all Inisfreean grasses and mosses, those of the Forest Temple feel especially soft and silken -even more so than that of an infant Golden Retriever's.  The only substance even remotely comparable to this softness is vicuna.  Walking and laying upon these flora is a true pleasure unlike anything possible in the Outlands.  Just imagine them caressing between your toes... and you have an idea.

Dimensions & Layout:
This temple is over 720 feet in diameter, and stands dozens of stories tall, some of those floors extending down into the forest floor as a bowl-like, open-air basement or amphitheater.  Thick vegetation grows around its border, the roots and vines of which weave all throughout its many structures, making for excellent climbing and perching surfaces.

Beneath the heavily moss-covered foundation of this temple lies the hidden Club Dendro.