G & WMKM Studios News:  Inisfree's largest-scale pornographic movies are now filmed here.
G Entertainment and WMKM Studios
WMKM Studios & Grunt Entertainment

This is the facility where all of Inisfree's motion pictures are filmed and edited, as well as where the radio station based on MKM (a predominantly military-humor magazine) is based.  Once filming starts on any set, all visitor access is denied within at least one hundred feet of the perimeter fence of that set, and Inisfreean police help to maintain those cordons (as there are no security guards in Inisfree; just police and military personnel).

Dimensions & Layout:
Measuring one quarter of a mile across each of its four sides, this Hollywood-level production studio boasts 1,742,400 square feet of floor-space on its ground level; more than that of 58 large mansions.  Quonset hut-shaped buildings the size of airport hangars for commercial passenger jets make up most of the property, with a boxy office building at its center; the executives meeting place, as well as where this facility's think-tanks and try-outs are hosted (sometimes guests of Inisfree are allowed to audition as extras or for major parts in the movies that are filmed here).

Special Features:
Inisfreeans are the living video cameras and editing software here; you won't see a single boom, camera, or tripod, and there is no need for 'green screen' props.  Working with the city's main supercomputer, the Inisfreean staff at this facility are able to produce grade-A, theater-worthy, motion pictures within weeks instead of months or years.  The only time their editing work appears on old fashioned computer screens is when an authorized guest wishes to see them that way (Inisfreeans can telepathically (technopathically) project such images, sounds, videos, and other works directly into the mind's eye of any being with a brain).

WMKM is Inisfree's civilian radio station.  Since most facilities and areas across this city have their own, themed playlists playing softly in the background, and since every residence and vehicle here has a surround-sound stereo entertainment system with access to millions of songs and their remixes, most people don't listen to songs on the radio.  When they do, however, they have the option of having this radio station playing directly in their mind, allowing those around them to enjoy peace and quiet, uninterrupted sleep, or their own music playing --also in their own minds.  And, of course, this radio station has features developed from the Pandora software which uses algorithms and user feedback to suggest songs new to each listener which have mathematical similarities to songs they've shown interest in.