Glamping Sites News:  There are now hundreds of these luxurious camping sites all across Inisfree.
Glamping Sites
Glamping Sites

The Governor:  "I'm looking for friends who want to breathe in the smell of the evergreens and fall asleep under the stars and aurora with a campfire crackling nearby."

​​Glamping is the term for 'glamorous camping'; camp sites with a luxurious twist, and since just about everything in the entire Inisfreean realm is luxurious be default --and to the extreme, this is the standard form of camping in Inisfree.  Larger tents come fully furnished with leather armchairs, hand-carved dining tables, Oriental rugs, and even chandeliers.  Cutlery tends to be of electrum, and dishware of giant diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and other precious gemstones. Inisfreean girls form human chairs, while still more Inisfreean girls are carried out on stretchers or gurneys as living platters for the artisan presentations of most meals.  Fan-girls and fluffers are also common at all Inisfreean glamp-sites, and if you see a girl passing by, and desire her, all you need do is snap your fingers, or even just think your desire, and she will happily hurry over to you --or be alerted and fetched by another of the Inisfreean girls.

Dimensions & Layout:
Most Inisfreean glamps consist of an apartment-sized tent, usually one story (though some have lofts and observation or lookout decks), with furniture arranged as a combination of a master bedroom and living room.  Some have bathtubs and jacuzzis built into them.  All have detailed masonry encircling fire pits with iron grid domes and other aesthetic accessories.  To maintain dispersion, privacy, and quiet, each camp is at least one or two hundred feet away from all other glamps, and these camps are between 60 and 180 feet in diameter, so even when they are all full, there is still plenty of 'personal space' and 'breathing room' for everyone.  Dozens of these glamps run parallel to the outside borders of Inisfree's main neighborhoods slope section; just on the other sides of the G.A.H. sections from the apartment complexes surrounding Waterfall City II.  One can, however, find glamps in every region of Inisfree.

Special Features:
Glamps are, perhaps, the best smelling constructs in all of Inisfree, for it is not just their bed-sheets which are air-dried in the Antarctic sunlight, becoming scented by the wildflower breezes before they are brought back in and neatly re-applied to their beds.  Every part of a glamp experiences this aromatic enhancing effect, as it is very easy for that wildflower scent-laced air to permeate and bond with all of these glamps' bed-sheets-like tent tops and walls, and everything in and around them.

You will often find the Emperor enjoying his pull-ups and muscle-ups on the lightly swaying branches of the many Ents of Inisfrees, most commonly upon those near the the Avalanche Ring Wall; the Sequoias and Redwoods.  There are no laws against this, nor will any Inisfreean ever caution you about safety or legal concerns.  If you see a worthy tree, do a pull-up on it!