Glowing Art Highway News:  The subterranean sections of the GAH have now been installed and opened for use.
Glowing Art Highway
The Glowing Art Highway

The Glowing Art Highway ('GAH' for short) is named for its most predominant aspects of being comprised of countless works of artistic masonry and metallurgy, and, of course, for the fact that it glows; instead of street-lights on metal posts, the panels of the highway's surface itself illuminates softly from within, anticipating the movements of all vehicles traversing it by lighting up its translucent sections just ahead of them.  This helps save energy by keeping all unneeded light fixtures off in the absence of traffic, and keeps light pollution down to an absolute minimum, as star-gazing and aurora-gazing are held to be sacrosanct by the Inisfreean people.

Supporting the many miles of 16-lanes-wide GAH sections are not the primitive, simplistic, rectangular-prism, concrete pillars of Outland overpasses and bridges; rather, the supports holding up Inisfree's highway sections are all female statues with literally perfect proportions such that they are almost as sexy as the Inisfreean-borne girls themselves.

In the daylight, the driveable surface of the GAH is clearly adorned with inlaid gold in the form of borders patterned as elven ivy swirls, contrasted by the white (not black asphalt or gray cement) base color of this highway system's 'smart'-surface.​​​​  This 'smart'-surface is like most Inisfreean surfaces; it 'thinks' and plans-ahead with the objects in contact or proximity with it, adjusting its texture to provide shifting amounts of ideal friction.  This is also part of what prevents 100% of glare from occurring anywhere on the GAH; no amount of sun- or other light will adversely affect its drivers.

Also of note is that there are no stop-lights or intersections for Inisfreean streets and highways; all lanes of traffic maintain their maximum speed at all times throughout any trip -even during banking into the turning lanes.  In order to maneuver onto an intersecting street or highway, one must only shift into the turning lane leading to a merger with that alternate route.​​  Crossing traffic (vehicular and pedestrian) always cross via overpasses (bridges) or underpasses (tunnels), even when, in the Outlands, just a tiny crosswalk would do.  This saves an incredible amount of time, money, labor, and other resources that would otherwise be much more frequently spend on replacing brake pads and refilling gas tanks, amongst other things.  In Inisfree, that would be completely inefficient and thereby unacceptable.  Thus, there are no intersections or stop-lights on or for any Inisfreean street or highway.

Big Upgrades:
While mobile-homes and trailer-homes in the Outlands can fit within the highway lane markers originally designed for military tank traffic, in Inisfree, the highway system includes lanes that are 4 times the width of Outlander highway lanes, allowing for actual houses-that-are-mobile to drive in these wider, slower lanes.  

​​Additionally, canal-like lanes allow speedboats and jet-skis to traverse all of Inisfree-city alongside normal vehicular traffic (in a trough-like set of water-lanes separated by dividing barriers).  Guests can literally 'drive' (sail/maneuver) their small, personal, waterborne vessels up out of and back down into Inisfree's main lake via this mass-transit construct.

Furthermore, instead of the 'four-leaf clover' overpass turn-around systems of the Outlands, Inisfree incorporates into its highway design an approach more like that of Hot Wheels; racetrack-steep lanes allowing vehicles to maintain higher speeds and 'bank' like fighter-jets instead of having to slow down, and vertical loops allowing vehicles to become fully inverted as they reverse their direction to merge back with the main and level lanes.​​

Leisurely Lanes and Attractions:
Bicycling and jogging lanes serpentine just beneath the GAH, generally running parallel with the female-shaped pillars holding up the 'smart'-surface for the motor-vehicle traffic lanes.  Due to sound-suppression technology, almost nothing can be heard save the slightly louder breezes caused by the quickest-moving forms of traffic.

Near the circular ports connecting the GAH lanes to the interior of the Auz-dome, there are a couple well-hidden and cozy hang-out lounges tucked neatly away amidst the shadowy underside of this wide highway.  With an experienced guide, one can easily be directed to the AIOWs which lead up into them.​​
GAH Lane Types

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Dulles Shuttles
Luxury Buses
Personal Vehicles
Speedboats & Jet-skis
Subway Bullet-trains​​​​​​

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