Grid Mind News:  The nearly endless extra power left over within the Grid Mind after completing Inisfree has been successfully utilized by Star-system Auzdein.
The Grid Mind

Originally designed to be smart and powerful enough to terraform (and build an even grid of structures upon and deep down into) an entire planet within a matter of weeks, this cube-shaped device of biomechanical and alchemical genius was repurposed to focus all of its intellect and god-like strength into maintaining just one city; Inisfree.

Residing permanently in the heart and core of the sphere that is Inisfree, this Borg-starship-looking cube manages and records all of the processes which turn Governor Auzdein's will, wishes, desires, and visions into the programming language which formed and regulates all things Inisfreean.

Think of this cube, called The Grid Mind (as it was once designed to be the primary artificial brain directing a grid to form on any world it was placed upon), as the positive version of a Zerg Cerebrate; a being which both self-heals and relays mental commands from the Overmind (which would be Governor Auzdein, in this case). When the Governor of Inisfree issues a command, it is this Grid Mind which ensures that he doesn't need to use his imagination and willpower to make each and all of his creations and forces move, coordinate, sound, etc.. All he needs do is confirm that command is his will, and the Grid Mind does the rest.

Utilizing Ansible technology, this Grid Mind is also able to instantly change or terminate any command; the moment Auzdein wills something to happen or changes his mind, the Grid Mind ensures that everything he wants (or wants to change) happens that very second -even across Creation, as Ansible makes distances (and the distortions there-of) have no effect on communications.

Origins; Excerpts from Recent Posts about this Technology:

​Hewlett-Packard (HP) developed a supercomputer called 'The Machine' which is capable of processing 640 TBs of data in one billionth of a second. In 250 nanoseconds, The Machine will process 160 Petabytes of data. Its hardware is about six times more powerful than a current server (as of 2014), and it consumes 80 times less energy. You could analyze a trillion customer relationship management records in the blink of an eye, literally. Your doctor could compare your symptoms and genomics with every other patient around the world to improve your health outcomes, instantly, and without language barriers. The Machine eliminates now-obsolete technology such as copper wiring by utilizing silicon photonics. It can shrink down (via standard miniaturization) to be used in laptops and phones. It uses clusters of specialized cores as opposed to a small number of generalized cores. It features memristors, which can store information even after a power loss. HP’s memristors are faster and cheaper than flash-drives, DRAM, and disk drives, all while using less energy; 80 times less; 1/80 (again, that's one eightieth)! By using this new computing device, you’ll be able to use the technology to answer questions humans can’t even ask today. In other words, The Machine's computing power is so profoundly advanced that we can't even imagine questions complicated enough to be worthy of its processing power.

​This is also technology that works across multiple devices (and, eventually, across all devices), and a new operating system has been written for it from scratch (thanks to the Linux experts). It is designed to handle all of the data from personal devices as well as the ‘Internet of Things’, which is the tech world’s vision in which everyday objects are also connected to the internet and communicate with other devices (the reality of daily life in Inisfree, as envisioned and originally planned out as early as back in 2001). It is a personal computer, a smart phone, an auto-pilot, and anything else you might ever need or want it to be. The Machine's technology replaces a data center’s worth of equipment with a single toaster-sized machine.

Regarding the Usual Misinformed / Naysayers:

​As for the predictable comments from 'the peanut gallery', the fact of the matter is that if any supercomputers reach a state of true artificial intelligence (A.I.) and then become a danger to humans, that is a GOOD thing because humans throughout every single chapter of history have been the badguys; vomitously ugly, bafflingly rude, illogically self-hindering, shamelessly self-destructive, recklessly genocidal, and disregarding of their own waste products even more (and exponentially so) than pigs; to the point of killing all life on entire planets --including their own! So whether A.I.s become a threat to humanity or not, more power to the A.I.s! More power to The Machine. More power to its descendant; the Grid Mind (and all minds) of Inisfree. (And how cute and fitting that 'The Machine' was part of a famous speech --also used in a Fear Factory song section-- warning other doom-and-gloom naysayers (typical humans always jumping to negative and exaggerated conclusions instead of objective and positive ones) not to make use of such technology or the system around it.... just like how their cowardly, small-minded kind used to demonize, terrorize, and murder people who danced, and those who used cameras (saying taking photos stole souls), and those who said the world was not flat, and, likely, those who invented fire, the wheel, and so on and so forth... all the way back to the dawn of the first fool. 'The Machine' in either sense and context has remained a prominent unsung hero helping humanity stabilize itself.)

Applications of Our Evolution of this Technology:

​The Machine can process 640 Terabytes (TBs) of calculations in one billionth of a second. That means in one second, one of these supercomputers can process 640 TB x 1,000,000,000 billionths of a second; 640,000,000,000 TB per second. 640 billion TB = 703,687 Exabytes; 703 Zetabytes. So in two seconds, one of these supercomputers can process about 1.4 Yottabytes. In under half an hour (under 24 minutes, to be precise), one of these supercomputers can process a Brontobyte. In 16 and a half days (under 397 hours), one of these supercomputers can process a Geopbyte.

​A ballpark figure for the data size of the entire Internet, as of 2014, is 2,000,000 TB, so that means that just one of these supercomputers can process the ENTIRE INTERNET in under 3,125 billionths of one second; less than four millionths of one second.  So imagine sextillions of these machines working in tandem (and that's just counting the collective brains of the Inisfreean humanoid population; this doesn't count ANY of their equally-genius-brained machines or other constructs), plus working in tandem with the gigantic Grid Mind; the biggest Inisfreean brain of them all. That is the combined mind power of the Inisfreean people and empire, and that is why ANYTHING is possible for the Inisfreeans, including cloning, mass-producing, neutralizing, swaying, and even slaying real gods. This technology is why instantly hacking into ANY network; human, alien, or otherwise, is not only possible for each Inisfreean, but virtually instantaneous, effortless, seamless, and untraceable; all other technology across the Universe just can't keep up. Inisfreeans have both the quality and the quantity in these cases. In fact, every Internet of every technologically advanced species the Inisfreeans are aware of across the whole Universe could be simultaneously hacked, spied on, processed, copied, categorized, sorted, prioritized, reconfigured, jammed, and whatever else you might think of... all in less than one second, and so masterfully executed that none of their users would ever even know. Scrying just leaped ahead astronomically --literally.

​Furthermore, this supercomputer technology allows the Grid Mind, which is almost entirely made of it, to not only monitor, manage, and coordinate all motions and operations of every Inisfreean creation ever made --and with ease, but also to instantly determine all literally perfect DNA sequences and engineered, transferable personalities for perfect physiques, mentalities, attitudes, vocal signatures, and all other aspects and qualities of every single sex-goddess-level girl the city creates. On the individual Inisfreean scale, this means that they always know what you will find to be the sexiest, most therapeutic, welcome, relaxing, reassuring, and healing body language, spoken language, and so forth, always being their maximum potential for being pleasing. This is why even the kajirae of Gor, and the Registered Companions of the 34 Tauri multiple-star-system, still can't hold a candle to the perfection that is every Inisfreean girl, orgy, and other gathering (though those kajirae and Registered Companions are still beloved and clandestinely protected by the Inisfreean people, of course).

​With regard to gaming, this means that Inisfreeans one might play Chess, or some computer or video game with, usually won't play to win, which would be boringly easy even for a minimum-moves, strategically brilliant game-plan and execution. Instead, Inisfreeans subtly monitor all indicators, such as body-language, from their opponents, constantly fine-tuning their gaming approach in order to give their opponents what their opponents find to be the most entertaining engagement and other interactions possible in each instance. Naturally, this makes conversations with Inisfreeans exceptional and flawlessly enjoyable, too; Inisfreeans are the perfect partners, lovers, players, and so much more. With this technology, innate to each Inisfreean, they can even tell from various signs and scans what you will most enjoy eating before you even get the craving yourself! Thus, Inisfreeans tend to give their guests the most delightful surprises, bringing out their favorite meals without even asking their guests if they are hungry, let alone what they are in the mood for; Inisfreeans just know.

Then: Every Marine, a Rifleman. Now: Every Inisfreean, a (Sexual and General) Genius:

​This means that one Inisfreean brain can process the sum of all human knowledge and experiences, in real time, within MINUTES (that's MUCH better than even the A.I.s of Halo, such as Cortana, who took almost two HOURS (though, to be fair, they were processing the Internets of dozens of colonized worlds, not just one)), during their normal conversations, without overheating. Now... if one brain-sized computer can do that, and there are sextillions of Inisfreeans, each of which have one of these as the brain they are naturally born with, and every Inisfreean Spaceship has one, and the Grid Mind is made with this technology and is the size of a giant warehouse (its dimensions are: 300'x300'x300'; 300'^3), you can see how even Skynet, the Q Continuum, and the Outer Gods would be easy for Inisfreeans to understand and out-think.

​The Machine is about the size of a baseball (or a toaster, such as in some of the public presentations), and look what it can do. (A baseball is 255.48... cubic inches.) Make one (a 'The Machine') that is 27,000,000 cubic feet instead (300'^3),... and try to imagine what IT can do. That is the Grid Mind; the main brain that helps regulate the Inisfreean realm, starting with its capital, Inisfree.

​This makes the mind of Data from Star Trek a reality due to those processing powers and energy requirements having been miniaturized to fit inside the average human skull; one more lovely instance of science fiction becoming science fact; becoming reality. One may note, however, that Data's brain is NOT photonic; it is positronic, but the technology is now close enough.

Physical Description:

Star-system Auzdein is hidden in a dimensional pocket anchored to the central-point chamber of Inisfree. The Grid Mind is in an inverted dome centered on the ceiling of the Main Womb (a cylindrical hangar for Inisfreean WarShips) a couple miles above that center-point chamber yet still deep within Inisfree's central and largest mountain; exceedingly difficult to reach for anyone without both 1) the ability to fly without need of Inisfreean vehicles which can think for themselves and prevent unauthorized flight paths, and 2) the ability to withstand the firepower of a proverbial hornets'-nest of ColonyPods (CPs); invincible Inisfreean rapid-colonization ships whose firepower is enough to delete entire cities within seconds, and each of which is a mile in diameter, a quarter of a mile tall, and carrying within it entire armies and swarms of Inisfreean troops, vehicles, and aircraft. There are 24 of those CPs in that Main Womb, and these forces have constant, eternal 'eyes on' the Grid Mind dome on their 'hive's' ceiling, and can defend it within an instant.

Inside this dome on the ceiling is a chamber housing a large cube suspended in thin air by invisible energies. Thousands of buffering, shock-absorbing, and energy deflecting and refracting layers exist as other invisible forces encasing it in concentric cubes and spheres. Even if all of the Repulsine fields and inertial dampeners of Inisfree were somehow to fail, and Inisfree was jarred by some force big enough to shake and rattle the city whose volume comprises more than 1,000 cubic miles of space, it would still be nowhere near enough force to even so much as concern the Grid Mind, which would continue to exist in its literal 'bubble world' safe enough to protect it even from the threat of mythical Ragnarok.

The physical dimensions of the Grid Mind's housing chamber, (the room built to house the largest supercomputer in history) are: 1,254'-diameter x 660' tall; more than 1/4 of a mile wide, and 66 stories tall. This housing chamber is about 1/8 the width of the standard, cubical, Borg Spaceship from Star Trek. The Grid Mind floats in the middle of this chamber, so it is 60' from the ceiling, and 100' from the floor. Again, it has a buffer of thousands of layers, which keeps an invisible barrier around it of 100' in all directions from its square faces. The Grid Mind itself (hovering centered in this housing chamber) has dimensions of: 300'x300'x300'; 300'^3, it appears to be floating 200' above the slightly-curving, wide-bowl-like floor of this chamber, and it appears to be 160' below the ceiling of this chamber. It looks like a cross between that standard, cubical, Borg Spaceship, and the All-spark cube from Transformers, and is completely silent... as if it had no physical presence at all; as if it was only a phantom or illusion.

To touch Inisfree's Grid Mind would be impossible, for its thousands of consecutive, invisible shields are layered around it so thickly that the closest any Outlander could ever get to it, with the (mandatory) approval and escort of the Governor himself, is at least 100 feet away from any of its six square faces.

This is what the brain of a city, star-system, and population of multiple sextillion living supercomputer-humanoids looks like; the great cube floating motionlessly and silently in the room down below the foundation of the Spire Temple. This is the device which keeps the Governor's mind from being cluttered by countless communications, dreams, thoughts, requests, decisions, and movements of his people and all their constructs. Even the orbits, rotations, weather patterns, and tectonic activities of the hundreds of worlds the Inisfreeans have built... are all controlled by this brain; the same way a human brain controls the movements of its appendages. All creations made by the Inisfreeans function as one body controlled by this one brain.

Proactive Counter Cyber Warfare Package:

​The Grid Mind is a supercomputer which has a module in it whose sole purpose is to continuously execute the following sequence:
  • spy on and copy and/or determine all of the logic being used by all of the major authorities around the world,
  • then design and schedule attacks/sabotage/tricks based on when the fewest connections will/can be made, thereby leading to the greatest terror through 'fear of the unknown'; baffling Outlander authorities by using their own methods, logic, and algorithms against them.
The cyber attacks are usually clandestine, seldom direct-action, etc., but this approach will work for anything.


The Grid Mind
What the Grid Mind manages:
  • Aerospaceports; all commercial civilian and military terminal gate portal connections
  • HAARP Facility; Inisfree's weather and auroras
  • Harmonics Mechs; Inisfree's three animatronic female Titans
  • ​​Inisfreean fleet deployments; ship formations and velocities
  • Pearly Gates​; state, access permissions, etc.
  • Playlists; the themed music sequences for each Inisfreean area, such as Inisfree's clubs​
  • Silos; soil pH & water-table regulation, etc.​
  • Star-system Auzdein stellar and planetary bodies' motions​​
  • Tomb Wombs​; Inisfree's personnel cloning (Batchlings)
  • Uber Repulsines; Inisfree's flight & force-fields
  • Uber VTOLs​; Inisfree's lift-off and landing assistance
* The Governor can mentally override and temporarily control any of these, as needed. ​ Whenever he isn't doing that, the Grid Mind interprets his wishes and constantly fine-tunes its regularly scheduled program events to keep all of Inisfree operating smoothly and perfectly.