Gymnasiums News:  The signature 'Gym-4' facility is now open for business.

Inisfreeans love to be fit, physically active, and the perfect little helpers when it comes to their guests spending time at the gym.  It is also a strict part of the Inisfreean Way (city law) that all guests be and remain in excellent physical fitness during their visits to Inisfree.  Ensuring this is always easy for them, the Inisfreeans have built and staffed a number of world-class gymnasiums across their realm.  Many of these premier facilities include acupuncture clinics, massage parlors (sports medicine level), open-air eateries (Genghis Grill style), and either on-site waterfall-based showers or actual waterfalls close by for the same purposes.

al free weights
all gyms full of sex-swings; sex known as best whole-mind-and-body workout
pop on ass "see you in the showers" for sex - all showers are gender-neutral

Daily FOBian Exercises:
- climbing two ropes at once; one hand on either rope (use mooring lines to add to the challenge)
- push-ups while holding the Olympic rings, with one's feet resting in another pair of these rings, or upon the colored, inflatable, workout-balls
- sit-ups:  toes raised to armpits or wrists while hanging from the muscle-up bars or Olympic rings

* Try all of the above exercises with a flak and Scuba tank on!

Footwear -order yours online, just step into your closet's laser-eye-
Nike Free 7.0
P-K sneaker (goog)
Converse combat sneaker-boot (v's)
Vibram foot-glove (worn after all Converse combat sneaker-boot hikes)