HAARP News:  This facility now regulates all weather for Inisfree-city, as well as for its Perimeter Orb.
High-frequency Active Auroral Research Facility
The H.A.A.R.P. Facility

"Listen and watch as we strum our HAARP."

​Originally developed at a military research facility in Alaska, HAARP technology has been miniaturized such that weather-manipulating missiles can be fired from aircraft and SAM sights. Soon, just as with the calculator, computer, and other technologies, HAARP technology will be so small it will reach a microscopic and nano-bots point.

Dimensions & Layout:
Inisfree's HAARP facility is as large as the first HAARP facility (of Alaska); a field of antennae, except Inisfree's HAARP facility uses the latest, most miniaturized technology, including much of that of Tesla's, making it pack an exponentially greater punch.  Measuring more than one third of a mile along each of its sides, the dimensions of this facility are substantial; its surface area is 4,186,116 square feet (2,046'x2,046').  Extending down into the terrain of this region of the city, Inisfree's HAARP facility includes dozens of stories of basement suites and compounds, forming a complex of subterranean skyscrapers rivaling the capacities of most Outlander downtown areas.  The Inisfreean highway enters through the uppermost level of this series of consecutive basements, bisecting the property without interrupting its topside antennae array (which means there is a restricted-access bullet-train subway station beneath the snowy surface here).

Additional Notes:
There is a wide array of positive effects: aesthetics, energy field stirring and renewal, health, etc.

​The term "auroral" applies to an individual's aura, too; not just the aurora of the skies.

Weather outside Inisfree-city's Perimeter Orb may be regulated by deployed Inisfreean forces, although this city is capable of opening and maintaining many thousands of cloaked portals to send out its weather-controlling energies anywhere in the Universe.

On every Inisfreean world (all of those in Star-system Auzdein), each Inisfreean city regulates its own weather (everything inside their respective perimeter orbs), while the planet itself (another conscious, sentient being) regulates overall (global) weather.  This is the same for Inisfreean moons and stars.​​​​

Inisfree's 'Weather Channel' does not tell people what the weather's prediction will be; rather, it is used to let Inisfreean citizens and their guests know what the scheduled, completely controlled weather will certainly be.

This information can be accessed technopathically, and the Governor of the city can adjust the weather in the same manner; via the by-mind interface.​​

Deception for Good

HAARP-modified weather is a great way to trick idiot humans into cleaning up before it's too late; it makes weather seem rougher. It can thaw a place as big as Greenland, for example, or vastly increase tornado activity. Humans don't behave until they are dying in droves. History has always shown us that. It's just how their species IS. So to get aRound that, we fool them into thinking the end is near, and end many of them to get them to clean up their act before their doom really IS assured.