Harmonics Mechs News:  Honoring the legendary Colossus of Rhodes, the three towering statues of Inisfree stand side by side at the welcoming square, each over half a mile tall.
Harmonics Battlemechs
The Har-Mechs

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants:
The expression which is this paragraph title's namesake can be taken in two ways here; the first being that Inisfreean technology is built upon the works of brilliant 'giants' in history's various industries and fields, and secondly in that, like the Statue of Liberty, these three welcoming titans are accessible as sky-high observation decks.

Acoustics and Harmonics for Pleasant Trumpeting or Defense:
Like the trilobite monolith mechs disguised in The Canyon, these Welcoming Lot mechs are capable of coming online like larger, scaled versions of the T-1000 liquid metal Terminators. Using their chest- and mouth-mounted sonic-canons, as well as their mech-sized trumpets, they can utilize the ancient science of 'singing to the stones' -Harmonics- to build, merge, redirect, and delete just about anything in existence; the power of music.

Adding the Signature Inisfreean Feminine Spin:
In addition to dwarfing the Colossus of Rhodes by many multiples, these three sky-scraping statues are set apart from their ancient inspiration by their gender; all of them are female in form, and with the standard, flawless beauty and jaw-dropping sexiness that marks all things Inisfreean.  Furthermore, these three statues, despite their size, are also animatronic; they can move, sway, pose, wink, smirk, and even beckon, and are oft to slyly glance around with knowing grins, pursing lips to blow kisses, and occasionally even swinging or otherwise posing with their respective, also-titanic weapons.  You will even see the locks of their hair catch the soft, gentle, Inisfreean wind currents and whip about from time to time.  They are as human, female, and life-like as one can be, except for their stationary state and unprecedented size.

These three statues are far taller than the fabled Colossus, whose leg-span was said to bridge the gap of water that was the inlet to the great port city and bay of the Greek city, Rhodes.

諧波 機甲