Harbin Ice Festival News:  This ice sculptures village is now open year-round.
Harbin Ice Festival
Harbin Ice Festival

Inspired by its namesake in China, this celebration of ice-shaping artistry and feats of wintry structural engineering demonstrates yet another of the many Inisfreean masteries of the elements and terraforming.  Already the size of a village (covering a plot 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile; nearly 7,000,000 square feet), and with enough room set aside for potential expansions, this area and attraction of Inisfree promises to impress even the most traveled of winter wonderland tourists. 

Dimensions & Layout:
Taking up roughly one third of one of the quadrants of Inisfree's Snowdunes region, this compound of building-sized ice sculptures includes ones standing as tall as a dozen stories. Some of these ice sculptures are just giant statues of various animals, sometimes mythological ones, while other sculptures here are bars, castles, hotels, pyramids, and slides, all made out of nothing but ice.

Special Features:
Beneath Inisfree's Harbin II, as it is now called, are not only man-made (Inisfreean-made) ice caves, but also a sewer system made of ice (though no waste products pass through it), and one which connects every single ice sculpture on the surface.  Guests can climb up or down through any of the manholes to access this underground part of the festival.
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