Highway Niagara News:  The more linear and scaled-up version of its namesake, this water feature is now the second largest in the city.
Highway Niagara
The Highway Niagara-styled Waterfall

Drive down Inisfree's main highway on auto-pilot to enjoy the sight of this highway-adjacent water feature.  Inspired by its namesake, this waterfall is massive and in perfect view for all passersby.

Dimensions & Layout:
Spanning half a mile and falling 15 stories, this is actually one of the city's shorter waterfalls, though also its widest.  Its edges are adjacent the outer edges of the landscaped parking lots of two of the city's most major factories.  At its basin is a water collection construct which disperses all the water reaching it back into the underground silos which regulate the water table.

Special Features:
At night, this waterfall is lit up from behind; light fixtures hidden behind its wall of falling water illuminate it with an ethereal glow much like the slowly changing features of a lava lamp.


公路 尼亞加拉