Highway Pyramid News:  This construct has been renovated to include an observation-level highway round-about section.
Highway Pyramid
The Highway Pyramid

This pyramid, one of the two largest in all of Inisfree (the other being the Luxor II hotel on the other side of the city), serves as the only means for Inisfreean highway traffic to drive out of the city. Commercial cargo trucks coming from the Distribution Port, typically loaded with palettes of MKM (Inisfree's satirical magazine), drive into one side of this pyramid, never to appear exiting along the Glowing Art Highway lanes continuing out from its opposite side.  The reason for this is that they have passed through a Stargate-like portal connecting them to similar highway surfaces and cleared lanes at various Outland destinations, sometimes on Earth, and sometimes on other worlds with large numbers of subscribers to this creation of Inisfree (MKM).

Safety and Security:
Various measures have been emplaced at this Inisfreean construct to ensure that only authorized Inisfreean traffic and cargo are able to pass through this heavily utilized gateway into and out from the city.  Only objects created in Inisfree are able to pass through it (going either way), only Inisfreean-born girls are able to drive these trucks, only the exactly specified mass of each truck (including its driver/s, crew-girls (never crewmen), and shipment (as Inisfreean vehicles don't use fuel or batteries)) is allowed to make it through the precisely attuned portal openings, and the portal itself is kept closed, locked, and completely shut down (zero power connected to it) whenever there is not a scheduled shipment en route to pass through it.  This portal also only remains open for the exact number of seconds that it takes to confirm all scheduled trucks (and their contents) have made it through, it hugs like a second-skin the objects passing through it (the same way all Inisfreean portals do), and if ever there was an attempt to confuse or override this gateway of Inisfree, such as by would-be invaders in the Outlands at one of the places this portal routinely connects to, an immediate and full-scale Inisfreean military response could be deployed from any number of Inisfree's military motor-pools and other facilities located immediately adjacent this portal (and the pyramid which houses it) on all sides.  Though impossible, if anything ever did make it through (coming into Inisfree via this portal), whatever it was would find itself immediately surrounded by the most concentrated and actively training, fully armed Inisfreean military units, each soldier of which is easily capable of wiping out an entire city in a matter of minutes, as well as being surgically accurate enough to snipe and otherwise neutralize any target no matter the circumstances.

This pyramid is one of the greatest places to enjoy sight-seeing on the whole lower desert plateau of this city, as it now boasts a built-in round-about highway section that Inisfreeans can drive along (and set their vehicles to auto-driver during), taking them on a 360 degree arc as they drive up into the top of the pyramid (where this round-about is), then back down to connect with the highway straight-away that will take them out the other side and back along their way.  Turn-around loops (both banking and vertical ones, depending on what the highway-goers prefer to take), are available close to both sides of this pyramid for quick and simple direction changes within seconds.


公路 金字塔