Highway Sphynx News:  This scaled-up equivalent of the Giza Sphynx now includes an observation plaza using the eyes as windows.
Highway Sphynx
The Highway Sphynx

Based on the Sphynx of Egypt, this upscaled version stands (sits, rather) a full mile high.  Unlike the Sphynx of Egypt, its head is not that of a human's; rather, it is of a lion -whose yawning maw is the opening to an interior corkscrew super-highway channeling traffic from the highest of the two desert plateaus of Inisfree down to the gently rolling green foot-hills of the Castles Neighborhood three quarters of a mile below.  Also unlike its form-sake, this Sphynx is not made of stone capable of being weathered.  Instead, like all Inisfreean constructs, it was sung into existence and formed as a single piece of one of the rarest elements, making it remarkably strong and resistant to any damage.  Should any sort of issues occur with its appearance, internal workings, or other aspects, the Grid Mind of Inisfree will simply 'sing' into it again, using the city's equivalent of a nervous system to pass signals and materials in and out of it to perform what the Inisfreeans call 'biomechanical healing'; the building will literally regrow and reshape itself as needed.

Traveling through this gigantic structure are the standard mass-transportation lanes of the Inisfreean Glowing Art Highway (GAH); lanes for personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, mobile-homes (houses with tracks (like military tanks utilize) and Repulsines), the sight-seeing trolleys, and the cavitating bullet-trains. 

The Other Openings:
While the open mouth resting at the edge of the higher desert plateau serves as the most obvious of traffic entry and exit points for this construct, two other traffic openings complete this Titan-Sphynx design; the first of these other two openings is at the end of the tail which extends out toward the Titan-sized Cathedral on the way past the Kathedrom.  The second of these other two openings is at the tip of this statue's penis (yes, all Inisfreean constructs are anatomically correct), with the lanes curving out and toward the circular base of the Auzdome.  This (the presence of three openings instead of two) means that the Inisfreean Sphynx is so large and tall that it easily contains, with much room on all sides to spare, the Inisfreean 16-lane super-highway vertical-corkscrew which is more than twice the height of the tallest building in the Outlands; the Burj Khalifa which stands at one half of a mile high, and that the Inisfreean Sphynx is large enough to contain the 'highway clover' design which regulats merging traffic lanes between all three of these GAH sections.  The lower section of this Sphynx houses a three-way intersection of a 16-lane super-highway.
The Observation Eyes

From the Observation Deck, one can look out through gigantic floor-to-ceiling window panels making up the 'lenses' of this Sphynx's eyes.  At nearly one quarter of a mile above the adjacent desert plateau, this is a very wonderful spot for observing the air-and-Space traffic of Inisfree's Military Aerospaceport, including many of Inisfree's equivalent of Red Flag and Top Gun exercises.

公路 斯芬克斯
Location in Inisfree
Basis for the Sphynx's Head
Wave-shaped Cliffs
GAH Lanes from the Desert Plateau approaching the Sphynx Cliff
Cliffs Nearby
End of the Military Plateau's Crags Mountain Range
Base Terrain of the Cliffs Nearby
Tributary to the Canyon
Tiered Waterfall feeds the Canyon River's Tributary
Spires at the Tributary's Bank
The Tributary doubles as a Cliff Moat
Rock Spires where the Sphynx Cliff meets the Castle Neighborhood Terrain
Boulder-stack Rock Spires