Highway Tube Building News:  This is one of the newest structures erected in Inisfree.
Highway Tube Building
Highway Tube Building

This building is shaped like a length of a garden hose; a hollow cylindrical prism on its side such that a section of the G.A.H. passes straight through it from end to end.

Dimensions & Layout:
This building is 858 feet in diameter, with its tunnel for the G.A.H. being 465 feet in diameter. The layout of the floors and other features of this building is essentially identical to that of the Doughnut-shaped Buildings, just without the gaps and curves between them; this is one continuous structure.

Special Features:
Like the Doughnut-shaped Buildings, this Inisfreean construct has the exit and on-ramps of the local G.A.H. section feeding directly into and out from its parking garages.