Horseback Archery News:  The Inisfreeans are now as sensational at archery as the cavalry archers of the Mongol Horde were.
Horseback Archery
Horseback Archery

Archers' Ed':
Like Drivers' Ed' and Pilots' Ed', all Inisfreeans learn equestrian sciences and arts as part of their core curriculum.  As early as age 10, they have already gotten used to marksmanship while mounted upon a wooden horse, and are ready for their first live ride.  Over the next 10 years of their formal education, they will learn all of the commands, techniques, and tricks to being exceptional mounted cavalry capable of engaging multiple targets in dynamic and nearly chaotic scenarios.  Once their equestrian training is complete, they will be able to take command of nearly any horse they find in the Outlands, operate cooperatively with infantry and other unit types, and execute patrols, assaults, ambushes and more -all from horseback with nothing but a bow and arrows.

Beachfront Property:
Like all Inisfreean things, the Horseback Archery Range is situated in a beautiful stretch of prime real estate; between the Atlantis resort and the towering Bed-and-breakfast Spire, as well as the Palms Hotel.

Dimensions & Layout:
This area spans 990'x1,254'; 1,241,460 square feet; 28.5 acres.  Roughly half sandy beaches and half short grasses, there is plenty of room to reach full-speed gallops to clear the obstacles here, such as hurdles, fences, and berms.