AA News:  One of the latest additions to Inisfree, this new dance club is now open for alluring business.
Angels' Allure
Club Angels Allure

Located deep within Cloud City, this club is designed to look like a heavenly cloud-borne scene, complete with billowing mist, floating beds fashioned after fluffy clouds, and winged dancers and waitresses, some of which have natural wings (actual angels who are guests of Inisfree).  This club is also furnished with floating (magnetic-based hover) cloud love-seats, floating cloud canopy-beds, and an overall layout representing the 9 sephoras.

"Song" by Artist
"Song" by Artist​

Gogo Dancers:
The professional dancers in this club wear costumes which make them resemble angels; winged models in couture, silky, skimpy dresses.  They start many of their dances resting on their shins upon the floating cloud-beds, then arousingly stand up by raising their ass up first, then easing up into a proud, feminine posture.  Those with real wings often fly up to the balconies and back instead of taking the AIOWs.