NWO Military CPs News:  There are now 24 of these in Inisfree's central mountain hangar; on stand-by for CP pilot training.
NWO Military CPs
Colony Pods

Like the frisbee-shaped Spaceships of Independence Day (the film), these Inisfreean versions are giant, town-sized vessels capable of destroying entire cities if need be, as well as dropping off multiple armies of troops, vehicles, and aircraft.
This type of Inisfreean construct will be deployed whenever there is warfare on the nation or sea level, and whenever the Inisfreean terraforming style called 'gridding' is desired (1 CP typically 'grids' a nation- or sea-sized area, but can 'grid' an entire world over the course of years, though that is usually tasked to hundreds of CPs or more).​

Every Colony Pod contains four Inisfreean Dropships within it (which deploy from hangars on the Colony Pod's underside).  Even when all four of these towering delivery vessels are detached and deployed, however, each Colony Pod still houses an entire army of personnel, vehicles, and aircraft.

Diameter: 3,960' (at the lowest hangar level)
Height: 25pxl tall = 1,650' (25x66)
Floorspace: 12,316,299 sqft. (for the widest levels)
Stories: ~80 (excluding the tallest levels used for the IC BMs)
Upper Levels: ~20 (excluding the tallest levels used for the IC BMs, and the 120'-tall level for the landing gear) (assuming some levels are 2-3 stories; 20'-30' for the WRs and MPHAs, etc.)
Total Floorspace: ~246,325,980 sqft. (12,316,299 x 20 levels)
Personnel: 3,125,000 IC MFs
Dispersion: ~1 IC MF per 78 sqft.; ~1 IC MF per 9'x9' area (246,325,980 sqft. / 3,125,000 IC MFs) if evenly dispersed
Overall Layout: radial; 4 subdivisions/hangars per level, all arranged evenly around a central cluster of AIOWs

Vertical Layout & Primary Inventory Items:
  • Top level: cockpit (7 IC MFs on living thrones made of 3D Celtic-style weaves of IC MFs; ~77 IC MFs total)
  • Higher section: FJs (33,330 IC MFs inside 16,665 IC FJs)
  • High section: MPHAs (216,320 IC MFs inside 4,160 IC MPHAs)
  • Middle section: STs (1,623,077 IC MFs; Inisfreean Infantry units; ~80 divisions; ~400 regiments/brigades; ~2000 battalions)
  • Low section: TKs (499,980 IC MFs inside 83,330 IC TKs)
  • Lower section: WRs (749,700 IC MFs inside 41,650 IC WRs)
  • Lowest hangars: BMs (2,516 IC MFs inside 16 IC BMs)
  • Bottom section: landing gear, etc.
Total Complement: 3,125,000 troops; 2000 battalions, 83,330 tanks, 41,650 APCs, 16,665 fighter-jets, 4,160 cargo aircraft, and 16 BattleMechs​​

* Tonnage & composition are classified.​​​​

Each Colony Pod is capable of erasing an entire city (so thoroughly that even archaeologists wouldn't be able to tell anything was ever there), and create a perfectly grided city as its replacement.  The city erasing can take only a few seconds, and the city replacing can take as little time as a mere few days of constant biomechanical and harmonics-based 'growing' (once a Colony Pod lands, its base perimeter of circular ports open and fluid tentacles of nanobot 'ooze' extent out in all directions to begin the immediate process of terraforming everything around the Colony Pod for as long a distance as is desired, as well as everything that used to be under it).

Colony Pods are also capable of indefinite Space battles, sieges, and other extreme-environment operations.  Unless you can confuse or annoy a Colony Pod and its crew by chaotic sequences of supernovas and other epic phenomena, don't waste your time attempting to dissuade, immobilize, or defeat such a vast vessel of Inisfreean willpower and invincibility.​​

Like all Inisfreean vessels, Colony Pods are the pinnacle of luxury and style; all crew and other personnel in these vast, radial ships live not in the coffin-like berthings of Outlander warships, but in full-sized, stand-alone, mansion-like houses surrounded by landscaping and lawns; the next mobile step up from the NORAD facility beneath Cheyenne Mountain.

Appearance Modes

Like all ST and AP suits, Inisfreean CPs have the following appearance and cloaking options:
  • Basic / Nude (matte white)
  • Cloaked (transparent, showing Outer Space straight through it)
  • Masked (disguised as a boulder or debris)
  • Nova (flashing with the brightness of a star in order to surprise, disorient, or even blind nearby enemies, or remaining as bright as a normal star)​​​