NWO Military DSs News:  All Inisfreean dropships are now extremely luxurious, their focus being hardened (armored) interplanetary pleasure palaces.
NWO Military DSs

Inisfreean DropShips are egg-shaped Spacecraft designed to carry entire armies to and from any battlefield, predominantly along short flights from Inisfreean WarShips or ColonyPods to planet-side locations.
This type of Inisfreean construct will be deployed whenever there is warfare on the state or lake (Great Lakes size) level.

Dimensions & Layout:
Diameter: 20pxl (as viewed in this website's city maps) wide (at the lowest hangar level) = 1,320' (20x66)
Height: 19pxl tall = 1,254' (19x66)
Floorspace: 1,370,000 sqft. (for the widest levels)
Stories: ~70 (excluding the tallest levels used for the IC BMs) (1,254'-528' = 726' of vertical space for levels)
Upper Levels: ~20 (excluding the tallest levels used for the IC BMs, and the 120'-tall level for the landing gear) (assuming some levels are 2-3 stories; 20'-30' for the WRs and MPHAs, etc.)
Total Floorspace: ~27,400,000 sqft. (1,370,000 x 20 levels)
Personnel: 750,000 IC MFs
Dispersion: ~1 IC MF per 36 sqft.; ~1 IC MF per 6'x6' area (27,400,000 sqft. / 750,000 IC MFs) if evenly dispersed
Overall Layout: radial; 4 subdivisions/hangars per level, all arranged evenly around a central AIOW

Vertical Layout & Primary Inventory Items:
  • Top level: cockpit (5 IC MFs on living thrones made of 3D Celtic-style weaves of IC MFs; ~55 IC MFs total)
  • Higher section: FJs (8,000 IC MFs inside 4,000 IC FJs)
  • High section: MPHAs (52,000 IC MFs inside 1,000 IC MPHAs)
  • Middle section: STs (389,396 IC MFs; Inisfreean Infantry units; ~20 divisions; ~100 regiments/brigades; ~500 battalions)
  • Low section: TKs (120,000 IC MFs inside 20,000 IC TKs)
  • Lower section: WRs (180,000 IC MFs inside 10,000 IC WRs)
  • Lowest hangars: BMs (604 IC MFs inside 4 IC BMs)
  • Bottom section: landing gear, etc.
Total Complement: 750,000 troops; 500 battalions, 20,000 tanks, 10,000 APCs, 4,000 fighter-jets, 1,000 cargo aircraft, and 4 BattleMechs

So each IC DS has almost as many personnel as the United States' Army, Navy, and Air Force combined during 2012, or nearly 4 times the total number of U.S. Marines during that year. Thus, when an Inisfreean DropShip lands, it is like deploying the entire armed forces of a superpower nation.​

* Tonnage & composition are classified.​​

Special Features:
Far more advanced than a human dropship, Inisfreean dropships incorporate cloaking, teleportation, fly-by-mind interfaces, quantum filter wall-hatches, smart-skin, and even warp-surfing. Due to the small size of Inisfreeans, as well as how brilliantly they pack themselves and their gear and vehicles, Inisfreean Spacecraft can carry many whole-number multiples the maximum capacities of most Outlander vessels of comparable classes, dimensions, and natures.
Appearance Modes

Like all ST and AP suits, Inisfreean DSs have the following appearance and cloaking options:
  • Basic / Nude (matte white)
  • Cloaked (transparent, showing Outer Space straight through it)
  • Masked (disguised as an asteroid or comet)
  • Nova (flashing with the brightness of a star in order to surprise, disorient, or even blind nearby enemies, or remaining as bright as a normal star)​​​