NWO Military FJs News:  The Inisfreean empire now has trillions of these fighter-jets.
NWO Military FJs
Inisfreean Fighter-jets

With a Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) base, the Inisfreean fighter-jet (abbreviated as IC FJ for Inisfreean-Construct Fighter-Jet) builds upon the F-22 "Raptor", the F-35 "Lightning II", AH-64F "Apache", RAH-66 "Comanche", and the X-47B, combining the best Outlander fighter-jet, attack/reconnaissance helicopter, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) technology. IC FJs are Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) capable, even when not utilizing their Repulsines, and their onboard flight computers automatically engage and fine-tune their VTOL devices whenever their Repulsines are disengaged during lift-void flight, such as stationary hovering. These flight computers also automatically engage the IC FJ Repulsines whenever inclement weather, such as wall clouds, tornadoes, and downdrafts, is pronounced enough to make conventional (lift-based) flight problematic, challenging, or unmanageable. Naturally stealth (camouflaged against RADAR detection), when these aircraft fly in such a way as to prevent even contrails from forming, even advanced satellites capable of low-level atmospheric distortion have an extremely difficult time detecting them. In Repulsine flight mode, not to mention during warp flight (such as 'warp surfing' during reconnaissance sorties), detection is virtually impossible.

Dimensions & Layout:
When viewed from above or below, an IC FJ appears formed ('shaped') like a winged diamond with two tail-fins.  Each IC FJ measures L/D19' x W11' x H6'. For comparison, here are the measurements of some of the aircraft which were combined to make this one:
  • AH-64: L/D58' x W48'(rotor diameter) x H13'
  • F-22: L/D62' x W45' x H17'
  • F-35: L/D51' x W35' x H14'
  • RAH-66: L/D47' x W39'(rotor diameter) x H11'
  • X-47B: L/D38' x W62' x H11'
Its weapons payload is in a series of compartments along its underbelly, built just up inside the outer curve/s. Its Repulsines are also completely concealed within its body. Designed to function as a glider, coasting when not using its Repulsines or conventional oxidation thrusters, this aircraft can ride jet-streams indefinitely around entire worlds. Its cockpit is designed for two Inisfreean-sized women; pilots no larger than: precisely 4'11" to 5'9" tall, and never so much as 1'3" wide. This means most human beings cannot fit in these IC FJ cockpits, much less their bucket-seats. (Human pilots commonly have shoulder widths as high as 20-30"; 1'8"-2'6".)

Like in the AH-64, the pilot flies the aircraft while the copilot serves as the gunner, but these roles are easily interchangeable without either having to trade seats or interfaces (controls). This means that two living supercomputers are simultaneously managing whatever their IC FJ is faced with, resulting in absolutely phenomenal aerobatics, evasive maneuvers, and brilliantly-timed, surgical firing precision during every engagement.

For prolonged supersonic flight, Repulsines are usually engaged to prevent high-speed disintegration from sudden air friction changes. Inisfreeans can't pass out from blood pressure being warped by extreme G-forces, so no pressure suits are needed. Pilots and copilots are prone, head forward, body at a slight incline rising from feet to head, with their bucket seats above them like turtle-shells. Bringing their knees up, they then rotate with their bucket-seats into the upright seated position during taxiing and slower flights, such as hovering; this helps prevent boredom and the craning of the neck (though Inisfreeans can't get tired, sore, or strained).

Every projectile, from missiles to individual bullets, has an omni-sensor; a device capable of simultaneously seeing, hearing, and smelling across the entire spectrum of each of those sensory perceptions. Once they are deployed from the aircraft, they can operate independently, or continue coordinating via Ansible with the omni-sensors of the aircraft and its pilot and copilot.

'Smart'-shielding acts like a semi-permeable, selective membrane, allowing only authorized objects, down to the subatomic level, to pass through. This means that hostile fire can't strike any part of this aircraft, while outgoing fire can pass out through its shield as easily as if it wasn't there at all.

Special Features:
Both bucket-seats can automatically adjust themselves to face one another, rather than having the pilot and copilot both facing forward, allowing them to 'peddle' each other during auto-pilot; engaging in sexual relations to recharge their chakras and refocus their minds. This is particularly helpful to Inisfreeans, a race of neo-nymphs, who gain incredible, godlike powers from beautiful sexual contact.

The onboard computers of these aircraft are sophisticated Artificial Intelligences (A.I.s) which only allow these aircraft to be operated by their assigned Inisfreean pilots or copilots. However, like UAVs, IC FJs do not require pilots or copilots; they can fly themselves, allowing pilots and copilots to relax more like passengers from time to time, or to return these aircraft to Inisfreean parent vessels or airbases when their operators (pilots and copilots) are tasked out with other responsibilities.

Inisfreean bullets home-in on their targets, self-destructing if they hit nothing; to create a flak cannon bombardment area; confusing concussions around the enemy aircraft, often causing airflow changes which can stall them even if the pilots do not begin to panic. Missiles which don't hit their marks can automatically return to their launch tubes aboard any IC FJ with a vacancy there, so if an IC FJ has to make a warp jump (teleport out), remaining IC FJs in the area can reclaim their spent missile loads for later re-use.

When being pursued, or tricking enemies into pursuing them, they can jump to warp flight within split-seconds of reaching solid objects, such as mountain faces, cliffs, buildings, or the ground. This allows IC FJs to race straight toward the ground, leading enemy projectiles and aircraft toward certain catastrophic impacts, and is a favorite trick of IC FJs which use it to trick enemies into becoming kamikazes against their own bombers, carriers, factories, and population centers; instead of just overriding their hostile fire, deleting it, or teleporting it far away, they make it look like the enemies are firing on their own people, as if there was a mutiny; treason or something worse, often demoralizing entire units and cities in one fell swoop.

*IC FJs are NOT fitted with the same black-hole weapons array that IC APs are.

Appearance Modes

Like all ST and AP suits, Inisfreean FJs have the following appearance and cloaking options:
  • Basic / Nude (matte white)
  • Cloaked (transparent, showing Outer Space straight through it)
  • Masked (disguised as a boulder or debris)
  • Nova (flashing with the brightness of a star in order to surprise, disorient, or even blind nearby enemies, or remaining as bright as a normal star)​​​