The Mansion News:  While only a handful of guests have ever been granted a chance to see the inside of Inisfree, so far no one has even been considered for this special abode.
The Mansion
The Governor's Mansion:  The White House and Grand Palace of the Known Universe

This is the private mansion and most luxurious, inner sanctum and enclave of the leader of all of Inisfree and the rest of the Inisfreean realm (including the man-made Star-system Auzdein and its man-made housing-dimension), Lord von Himmler.  Surrounded by skyscraper-tall castle-style walls, another wall serving as a perimeter fashioned like the Great Wall of China, steep and snow-covered mountain slopes and deep woodland canopies of Redwoods and Sequoias, and bordered across the length of its lowest and longest side by a mile-high cliff and pool-fed waterfall, all of which are guarded by hundreds of cloaked Inisfreean Storm Troopers (all of whom are also Master Females), this is the Forbidden City and Shambhalla 'on crack'.

Personal Vehicles Collection:
Stored within the also skyscraper-tall garage of this giant mansion (which is hidden fully underground, crowned by a normal-looking, golf course style, low, smooth hill offset from this mansion's main entrance), Lord von Himmler maintains his private collection of hundreds of customized automobiles ranging from motorcycles to suburbans and even several he designed 'from the ground up' himself; completely original designs.

'The A-list of the A-list' are those who are ever even considered for invitation to this innermost realm and hangout of the elusive super-nymphs of Inisfree.  Those few lucky and exemplary souls who are granted access, travel by guarded convoy up Kings Drive, through the Central Mountain's greenbelt, until they pass through the black and gold gates of this mansion's perimeter wall, and come to a gradual halt at the tall, main doors to this mansion's ground-level floor.  It is there that several of their Inisfreean escorts (again, all Master Females), open their limousine door for them, walk them inside, and service them while they wait on the Governor himself to arrive.
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Directory of Rooms:

Ground Floor:
     Breakfast Room - 9 balconies and a two-wall single giant window panel for the side-yard pools and horizon
​     Dining Rooms - one with a long-table and the other room with two bowl-like dining pits set down into the floor
     Foyer - mirrored curving staircases, house-sized coat-rooms, and the largest chandelier in the empire
     Gymnasium - two pools connected​ via underwater tunnel lit up like cerulean swimming pool
     Hibachi Room - a fish-tank wall, waterfall-steps staircase, giant hibachi grill, and automobiles on display carpets
     Kitchen - 10 storeys tall, with a walk-in pantry and walk-in refrigerators
     Library - 20 storeys with a balcony walk-way mid-level, and wall-inlaid bookshelves flanked by Greek columns
     Theater - rows of tilted king-size mattresses instead of airplane seating, sometimes used as a video game room
     Transparent Walk-ways - over 'floor-streams'
     Wine Lobby - a high-rise building-like part of the kitchen, with temperature controls for each wine class's section

Ground Level Exterior:
     Automobile Display Platforms - elevated, smoothed-stone drive-slants surrounded by landscaping
     Cliff-side Stone-slab Step-way - the hidden staircase down to the main lake's beach
     Extended Backyard - up the slope to the Snow-dunes Area
     Perimeter Wall - with turrets and a Great Wall of China 'look & feel'
     Porch and Patio - stone-circle fire-bowl and stone-semicircle seats
     Side Yards - landscaping (*One yard includes the Husky House.  Beyond that is the One-room Shanty.)
     Terraced Pools - with slides, a grotto, the sunset overlook, and tanning canopy beds

2nd Floor:
     Dining Rooms Balconies - the perimeter walkways 10 storeys up off the dining room floors
​     Dojo - for sparring, MMA (omni-styled)
     Foyer Balcony - ​the balcony that extends some of the way from the heart of the mansion toward its front doors
     Gym - (balcony) CrossFit, Le Parkour (wall pipes), and all gymnast equipment
     Library Balcony​ - the perimeter walkway 10 storeys up from the library floor, w/ spiral staircase
     Outdoor Perimeter Balcony - water-slide through waterfall, porch swings, turret arches, etc.
     Personal Meditation Areas - an indoor garden with full trees and a wall-sized window panel
     Table Billiards Room - giant inflatable 'pool', top corner includes the War Memorabilia Room
     Theater - balcony-level​ beds as seating

3rd Floor:
     Guest Suites - 10-storeys-tall private bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets for distinguished guests
​     Master Bed-and-bathroom - the fluted-pillars canopy bed, and thought-controlled 'moon-ceiling'
     Outdoor Perimeter Balcony - water-slide through waterfall, porch swings, turret arches, etc.

Roof Amenities:
     Heli-pad - actually predominantly used by MPHAs; Inisfree's version of a cargo helicopter
     Poolside Bar Hut - beverages and light meals prepared by Master Females here
     Roof Stream - the tributary over the narrowest side-yard (via aqueduct) feeding the pools
     Topside Pool - the first of five swimming pools of this mansion; 1 roof, 2 in the gym, 2 in the yard

1st Basement:
     Club Cush - one of the 50 night-clubs of Inisfree doubles as the 1st (highest) basement here

Exterior Basement:
     Cylinder Garage - thousands of personal vehicles reserved for Inisfree's innermost circle 

Private (Middle) Basement:
     Ark II Bay - where the first of the new Arks is docked and maintained
     Armory - across the gap of the sphere map room (between the console of the arm, and the open air to the far-side wall) is this hidden cache vault.
     Briefing Room - the chamber where Inisfree's Star Fleet leadership plans their expeditions across the known Universe, such as via the Webway
     Bullet-train Station - links to the Undercity; direct-routes: Main Womb, Overhang Base, HAARP, Spire Temple, Valhalla Resort, Black Vaults, etc.
     Map Room - a hollow sphere buried over a mile beneath the mansion, this giant holographic projector is inspired by Halo, Star Trek, and the X-Men
     Reception Lobby - where allied commanders sometimes muster before being ushered to the Briefing Room or Map Room of this basement facility
     (and two hallways flanking the lobby, separating it from the mini-prison and mini-clinic on one side, and from the briefing room on the other side)​
* Black Ops are often coordinated from this basement level of the mansion.​

Sorcery (Lowest) Basement:
     Madjicks Chambers:  main womb-room, 5 ante-chamber bulbs and portals, observation auditorium womb around the ceiling pool-bulb,
                                       and the shaft to The Space Whale (Great Old One)

All Floors:
     All-in-one Wells - stairs, ropes, zip-lines, ladders, jungle-gyms, etc.; this is Inisfree's version of a stairwell