Shibuya Hotels News:  Once just a few select establishment clones, this attraction has now grown to an entire zone of hundreds.
Shibuya Hotel Prefecture
Shibuya Prefecture

Shibuyas, as they are called here, or 'love boutiques', are small, themed hotels with romantic, sexy, and similarly decorated and furnished rooms and suites.  Inspired by their namesakes from Japan, these hospitality operations provide creative, familiar, inviting, arousing places to enjoy fun and secret encounters when the wonders of Inisfreean culture have already been sampled out in public.  Shibuya hotels are also discrete; all guests need to do to reserve a room is walk up to the outdoor or lobby kiosk, scroll through the available rooms and suites on the touch-screen, select the desired room or suite, then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.  This way not even a receptionist knows who is coming (no pun intended) and going, allowing guests to enjoy full anonymity, privacy, and personal space so as not to sour any desirable moods.

Dimensions & Layout:
Most shibuyas in Inisfree are comparable in their size to those of Japan; hotels the size of short office buildings, sometimes with basements, and with each room being the size of a small apartment, while suites are comparable to most one-story houses or trailer homes.  Floor-space is usually around 400 square feet; 20'x20' spaces for the basic rooms, with suites having up to 30'x30'.  All windows are one-way 'glass' (Inisfree uses a material superior to glass in that it cannot shatter or cut anyone), preventing outsiders from eavesdropping or even accidentally looking in.  Access points are into alleyways instead of the thoroughfares such as sidewalks, streets, and parking lots.  The living/main room of each suite has built-in X-frames, yokes, soft ropes, and other bondage devices, as well as stripper poles and a dresser with drawers full of every sex toy imaginable.  And all rooms have by-mind, indirect, mood lighting, as well as ceilings which use embedded LEDs to simulate softly twinkling starlight during nighttime.

Special Features:
All shibuya showers and bathtubs have transparent walls with a by-mind 'frosted glass' mode for sexy silhouettes when desired.  All furniture, not just the beds, can be set to various levels of vibration.  The mattresses, not just the recliners, have massage rollers in them.  And all toilets, as is the case throughout nearly all of Inisfree, are the B.T.B.s; sentient, self-aware, super-Sybians.  It is also of note that the mini fridges in each room do not have alcohols in cold storage, but synthetic cum in warm storage; every Inisfreean shibuya room is fully stocked with enough bottles of sperm to fill ten pitchers; plenty for any girl, no matter how much of a 'cum slut' (cum lover) she is.  Guests can also use the console or by-mind interfaces to change the shower and jacuzzi settings such that they pour out not water but, you guessed it, more cum. And shibuyas are where the vast majority of glory-holes are in Inisfree, the second most common place for glory-holes being the night-and-dance clubs.
It's the Law

In Inisfree it is absolutely forbidden to interrupt any couples or groups engaged in, intending to soon begin, or relaxing shortly thereafter sex.  It does not matter if they are doing what Outlanders might call 'cheating'.  It does not even matter if it is consensual across the entire group, as some guests and citizens of this city have rape fantasies, fetishes, role-playing, and cultures.  Some of the few and rare exceptions to this law include:  1) if the people having or intending to have sex are ugly (though this is impossible, as such people are not allowed within thousands of miles of the city's perimeter), and 2) if permanent wounds or death seem imminent or probable. Thus, Inisfreean police can be dispatched to prevent anyone in Inisfree from being disturbed during their sexual relations --even if they are having sex in public.  If, for example, a spouse was to report that their significant other was 'cheating' on them, the Inisfreean authorities would arrest and fine, possibly deport, the person who reported the 'cheating' as if it was a bad thing.  In Inisfree, it is not.

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