The Palms Hotel News:  Balcony-side small airship landing is now possible for many of the suites of this hotel.
The Palms Hotel
The Palms

This is another of Inisfree's tree-shaped hotel buildings.  Given its location along the city's longest and largest beach, its likeness is a tropical one; that of a standard palm tree. Guests of this hotel are within one minute's walk of the nearest water.

Dimensions & Layout:
This hotel stands 1,980 feet tall; 198 stories.  Most of its floors are 330 feet in diameter, and each of its wings are in the form of a palm tree leaf, each one being 990 feet long and at a 45 degree tilt.  Each of these wings of the hotel has 79 stories, all offset from their adjacent stories the same way they are in the Luxor II hotel.  Most suites here are about 20'x20'; 400 square feet, allowing for as many as 427 of these apartment-sized suites (floor-space per most floors of this hotel is 170,973 square feet).  There are also large mansion-sized suites (30,000 square feet; at most one per floor), as well as a penthouse.

Special Features:
Balconies of the suites in the palm leaves (wings) of this hotel can land their motorcycle-sized personal hovercraft on those balconies' helipads.
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Note:  Each leaf is a hotel wing.