Valhalla Resort News:  Underground ski lanes have been added to this attraction.
Valhalla Resort
Valhalla Ski Resort and Warrior's Paradise

Named after the legendary warriors' paradise from Norse mythology, this is Inisfree's signature skiing and snowboarding resort.  Valhalla II, or Valhalla, as the locals truncate it, comes complete with half a mile of snow lanes both above and below ground (inspired by the indoor skiing skyscraper built in Dubai), all of which are more than a mile long.  Guests can ski directly from their suites' balconies, and have full access to additional lanes for inner tube slides, the luge, and Olympics and X-Games-level super-pipe, ski jump ramps, and other obstacles.  Indoor whirlpool jacuzzis with bay-window views of the slopes crown every suite, while larger whirlpool jacuzzis are located to the rear of this large lodge; on the up-slope closer to the Avalanche Wall.

Dimensions & Layout:
The main building of this resort is the lodge which spans 594'x858'; 509,652 square feet; 11.7 acres.  This main building also stands 660' tall; 66 stories.  Most of its floors being the same width and breadth, that gives this building just under 33,637,032 square feet of floor-space; 772.2 acres; plenty of room for more than 1,100 mansion-sized suites, or more than 84,000 apartment-sized ones.  Its ground-level floors facing the start of its ski lanes all have C-shaped balconies which allow their guests to select skis from the racks on their porches and ski directly from their suites down the slopes.  Suites on various lower floors along the slopes moving up the sides of this main building also have this feature, and some of the 2nd-story balconies on the ski-lanes side offer a snowy ski ramp down to the same start points.  The ski lanes measure 1.25 miles long (appearing to be one mile long from a basic top-down, rather than topographical, map), but skiers actually cover many multiples of this distance due to the different ski trails and switchbacks which go all the way to the bottom.

Special Features:
Some of the areas of snow along these ski lanes are softly bioluminescent at night, appearing to subtly glow deep from within.  Bay-window jacuzzis in all perimeter suites provide incredible views of this side of Inisfree's central mountain, and an entire town of quaint colonial and old European houses and shoppes is arranged like a strip-mall right behind the main building of this area.

The main building of this resort includes the dance club Valkyrie Vixens.