Lion Art Academy News:  The gifted inspiration for this wonderful and mighty construct, Sir Gabriel Tiberius of New Valhalla, is honored with his statue here.
Lion Art Academy
Lion Art Academy

A Lofty and Prominent Foundation:
Perched on the central mountain's slope (a full 1.75 miles above ground level), this Titan-sized, lion-shaped building is the home to all aspiring arts-and-crafts students studying in Inisfree. Boasting one of the most jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring fields of view across all of Inisfree, this lion-shaped art academy (L.A.A. for short), provides art students, faculty, and esteemed guest artists with the freshest and most aromatic alpine mountain breezes as they study, profess, work, and share their many talents and gifts.

Concepts of Design and Layout:
Instead of classrooms with flat walls, art students of Inisfree practice their trade-crafts here amidst marble tiles, grooved temple columns with Corinthian capstones, and the open-air environments so treasured and standardized by the wise people and tenants of Inisfree.

Instead of halls, wings, and corridors, this academy boasts actual wings; all artists here have their classrooms in the open-air, Greco-Roman temples ​​situated at even intervals across the expansive topside surface of each of this massive lion-shaped building's stone-feathered wings. To get to class or courtyard, artists here do not walk down narrow, enclosed, rectangular-prism hallways as was once done in schools of the Outlands; instead, here, they much more proudly stride out over the gigantic stone wings --whose wingspan is more than hundreds of feet!

Reverence to our Revered:
The visionary pioneer who proposed and helped fashion this heavenly construct, Sir Gabriel Tiberius of New Valhalla, has recently been recognized and honored for his prolific and profound contributions to the Inisfreean empire.  His life-size statue, molded and chiseled in his commanding likeness, is situated at the main entrance to the classrooms and faculty courtyards beginning atop this lion-building's back, just before its pelvic vertebrae area begins.  Sir Tiberius's statue here, displaying his armor-plated form, full Arabian king's beard, and super-hero's cape fluttering in the Inisfreean breeze behind him, is perched atop the remainder of this statue in salute to his many efforts in support of Inisfree and the Inisfreean people; the remainder of this statue for him being his trusty steed and mount, one of the worgs of ancient Norse legend, portrayed in the film The Hobbit, which dwarfs even that sizable frame of the dire wolves.

Every ​​day and night in which our students and fellow artists approach and pass into or out from this, our Lion Art Academy, they see and marvel at this tall statue of its inspiration and founder, Sir Gabriel Tiberius --who is now in worthy command of his own heavenly city-kingdom; the well-named New Valhalla.
The Inisfreean Educational System

All Inisfreean students attending classes at Liberty High School fly or teleport out here to the LAA nearly every day for their art class periods.