NWO Military MPHAs News:  The latest remote mass-update to all MPHAs in the Inisfreean fleet granted them the 'shock and awe' flight mode option.
NWO Military MPHAs
Multiple Purpose, Heavy Assault Ships

The Multi-Purpose Heavy-Assault (MPHA) aircraft of the Inisfreean New World Order (NWO) military fleet is essentially a flying Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) fitted with the firepower of an AC-130H Spectre gunship (a cargo plane of the Outlands that comes with a Gatling-cannon, mortar system, howitzer artillery piece, laser-guided bombs, Hellfire missiles, and an invisible-laser targeting system).  Also contained within this miniature flying fortress is 1 Desolator tank (DT; Inisfree's answer to the Outlands' Merkava V), 2 Pterosaur fighter-jets (FJ; Inisfree's answer to the Outlands' JSF and UAV variants), and a few dozen Storm Trooper (ST) armored astronaut suit-clad Master Females (MF; Inisfree's highest-ranking, fully-trained, engineered clone variant class).

Because MPHAs carry their own basic fighter escort compliment within their underbellies, as well as their own armored ground support vehicle, they can be deployed by themselves deep into enemy territory.  Due to their capacity to indefinitely contain and preserve dozens of additional passengers, they are one of the more frequented forms of non-teleportation extraction and exfiltration vessels used by the Inisfreean empire to acquire human assets, whether by liberation or capture.

Like all Inisfreean vessels (and like the Stargate Universe spaceship), this airship is Space-worthy and can operate (and cavitate) in the deepest of oceans, in mantles and cores, throughout asteroid belts and Oort clouds, and even in stars (to include magnetars, novas, supernova explosions, and black-holes).

The basic form of the MPHA design is a beaked flying saucer.

Appearance Modes

Like all ST and AP suits, Inisfreean MPHAs have the following appearance and cloaking options:
  • Basic / Nude (matte white)
  • Cloaked (transparent, showing Outer Space straight through it)
  • Masked (disguised as a boulder or debris)
  • Nova (flashing with the brightness of a star in order to surprise, disorient, or even blind nearby enemies, or remaining as bright as a normal star)​​​