Dickens Village News:  This community now includes hundreds of buildings.
Dickens Village
Dickens Village

Inspired by the Christmas ornaments and scale-models of the same brand name, this neighborhood of Inisfree is designed to look quaint, colonial, and old European.  This part of the city also looks a lot like the structures making up the districts and street-lining shops of Stormwind Castle.

Dimensions & Layout:
This neighborhood covers a strip of land measuring 330' by one quarter of a mile (1,320'), giving it an area of 435,600 square feet; 10 acres.  The houses and shoppes here are arranged along a few small-town streets, with unpaved alleyways behind them, as well as a few running between them. Most of the buildings here are one or two stories tall, with the exception of the churches, if you count their steeples.  (*All cathedrals, churches, mosques, parishes, synagogues, and temples in this city are for architecture style viewing only; religion is banned in Inisfree.)

Special Features:
Many of the buildings in this neighborhood have guest rooms and luxurious basements where passersby may spend the night or even just come in for a quickie, be that with one other or a whole group.

This Inisfreean village now has two train stations; one to ride around the local area on an old-fashioned locomotive for sight-seeing, and one to connect with the topside and underground sections of the G.A.H..