Ryokans News:  Once part of the luxury log cabins neighborhood, this is now a distinct and separate community.

Ryokan is the term for a traditional Japanese inn; what you would find in the older communities and more touristed parts of that country, always with the Asian roof curves, ridges, and almost cylindrical shingles, then rooms with rice-paper sliding wall sections as doors, polished wood floors you must not walk on with shoes, kimonos neatly folded on the shelves as your robes, tatamis you sit on the floor on while being served kaiseki (very small and intricate dishes of the healthiest of Japanese cuisine), bamboo fences, hand-painted Japanese character (pictographical letters) scrolls hung as wall banners, and private bath rooms which are literally where you take baths, often with truly stunning views such as that of the storied Mt. Fuji.  Ryokans are relaxing getaways, remote cabins, massage parlors, spiritual healing clinics, and a key part of the world-famous Japanese bath-centric culture.  Here in Inisfree, we honor and build upon that very special and healthful way of life with this themed neighborhood built in their likeness.

Dimensions & Layout:
This neighborhood includes just under one square mile of land.  Its lower border is the start of the highest of the cliffs encircling and dropping down into the Rainforest Crater (and the tributaries which turn into the three waterfalls along that cliff).  Its side borders are Asphalt Curves Neighborhood, and, on the opposite side, the Luxury Tree-houses Neighborhood.  Its higher border is the Log Cabin Mansions Neighborhood.  That means the land of this Ryokans neighborhood ranges in altitude from 1 to 1.5 miles above Inisfree's ground level, giving it an average slope of two thirds of a foot down for every foot one moves away from the top of the central mountain (though this rather steep slope is made easily manageable by level foundations and perimeter yards, street switchbacks, retention walls, and plenty of large tree root bundles to help hold all the soil in place.  This neighborhood is also on the bottom half of the top third of the way up Inisfree's central mountain, giving all of its properties fantastic views of their side of Inisfree; like being in a well sloped theater or stadium where no one's head obstructs the view of anyone else, all of these houses (Ryokans, to be precise) are above or below (or well off to the sides) of the visual ranges of all of the adjacent ones.  Lastly, with 35 architectural clones in this neighborhood, each one being of one of the finest Ryokans the Earth ever had, there is just under 600,000 square feet of land available for each of their foundations and greenbelts; enough room for a castle surrounded by many tiers of landscaping, fish ponds, and anything else one might ever want or need in a dream property.

Special Features:
The main difference between this neighborhood and the Ryokans of the Outlands which it was inspired by... is that here the Inisfreeans always offer to lounge in the rooms With the guests, give them Nuru massages (nude, and using the entire body instead of just their hands), hand bathe them, and present their kaiseki nyotaimori style (served atop nude girls used as living presentation platters).

The Asian Mansion is at one of the far corners of this neighborhood, though technically not a part of it.

[Ryokans] Directory

See what each Ryokan in Inisfree looks like:

  1. Asaba
  2. Beniya Mukayu
  3. Disney World (Asian blue-roof mansion)
  4. Himeji (by blue-roof Asian Mansion)
  5. Jiangxi Nanchang Pavilion of Prince Teng - China
  6. Kiyomizudera - Kyoto - Higashiyama
  7. Ginrinsou
  8. Gion-Hatanaka
  9. Gora-Kadan
  10. Hakone-Ginyu
  11. Hakuunsou
  12. Hiiragiya
  13. Katohira Kadan
  14. Kayotei
  15. L'Hotel du Lac (French-Japanese fusion cuisine)
  16. Myojinkan
  17. Niki Club
  18. Osaka Castle
  19. Otozure
  20. River Retreat Garaku
  21. Ryokan Kurashiki
  22. Seikoro
  23. Seiryuso
  24. Senjyuan
  25. Sumiya
  26. Takefue
  27. Takinoya
  28. Tiger's Nest Monastery - Paro Valley - Bhutan
  29. Ugenta
  30. Villa Rakuen
  31. Wanosato
  32. Yagyu No Sho
  33. Yama No Chaya
  34. Yangshuo Villa - China
  35. Yellow Crane Tower Hubei Wuhan - China
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