San Diego Hills Neighborhood News:  This neighborhood now includes hundreds of houses and dozens of cliff-side mansions.
San Diego Hills
San Diego Hills Neighborhood

Inspired by the ultra-rich hill-top mansions and luxury bungalows of the signature southern California coastal terrain overlooking sweeping beach and Pacific Ocean vistas, this neighborhood is one which will leave any guest of Inisfree feeling right as rain, and right at home.

A Fusion of Sunny Suburbs and Beachfront Properties:
The following Outland neighborhoods helped to perfect this fusion of them all:  Laguna Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Point Loma, Miraflores, and Malibu.  Several dozen additional and comparable neighborhoods are being reviewed and considered for incorporation into the design of this part of Inisfree.

Dimensions & Layout:
This neighborhood measures half a mile by 462 feet, giving its foundations a total area of 1,219,680 square feet. Houses are arranged in rows along narrow streets keeping them well spaced back along the slope from the edge of the cliffs extending down to the Beach Strip. Some houses are stacked or overlapping, forming residential 'sky bridges', with mansions spread out across the entire neighborhood, often with a dispersion of two or three surrounding properties.  Parking is in town-home style basement-garage opening to brief driveways connected to the cliff-edge streets, with comparable vehicle access alleyways in the back. The row of houses closest to the Beach Strip is several stories lower than the other row, giving both rows equally impressive, elevated views of a major portion of Inisfree.