Santorini News:  This neighborhood now includes thousands of structures, hundreds of dwellings, and dozens of scenic eateries.
Santorini Neighborhood

This 'hood of Inisfree spans down from the Colony Pod hatch on the backside of the Governor's Mansion to the ends of the highest sands surrounding Inisfree's main lake.  On this relatively steep slope of Inisfree's central mountain, our next-gen' variation of Greece's Santorini spans roughly 1/3 of a mile from beach sands up into the greenbelt separating it from the T&A shrine-mansions 'hood and the Snow-dunes disc-plateau.  This Santorini 'hood also spans roughly 3/4 of a mile laterally; from the waterfall-cliff of the Governor's Mansion to the corner of the Beach Strip nearest the WMKM Studios complex.

Inisfree's Santorini has the signature, striking white surfaces and soothing, vibrant blue domes of its namesake in the Outlands nation called Greece.  Also here are many of the mesmerizingly beautiful starlight-specks swimming pool floors; suite and residence balcony and indoor pools with waterproof LED light-dots that slowly fade on and off in a random order, mimicking the twinkling of stars in the evening and night skies, oft-times seeming to disappear and reappear as barely discernible clouds bar our lines of sight to them.  These starlight fixtures are flush with the surfaces of their smooth pool bottoms, indiscernible by the passing feet of their patrons.  Almost chaotically, the winding stone staircases with their smoothed stucco and adobe railing walls allow foot traffic up and down between these heavenly pools and the many hundreds of houses, apartments, suites, restaurants, cafes, and lounges here.

Couture Catering:
Like all Inisfreean areas and attractions, this Santorini 'hood is fine-tuned to the acclimations of the people whose region it is designed in the likeness of; in this case, that of the world-renowned Greeks.  I is customary for Inisfreean hosts to help all guests from similarly fashioned Outlands communities and land-forms get settled in to their temporary residences here in this 'hood (for the duration of their visit to Inisfree).  Everything from the regional cuisine and fashions, to lovely background music playlists compiled from the best of various Mediterranean artists, complements and completes this proudly showcased Inisfreean 'hood. If this is the place from which you would like to begin your Inisfreean tour, please use your thoughts to contact an Inisfreean representative today.