NWO Military STs News:  Inisfreean Storm Trooper suits now have a feminine mode they can quickly morph into.
NWO Military STs
Storm Troopers

Named for their frequent use of the 'blitzkrieg' tactic, in which large groups of personnel and entire units swarm enemy objectives like an oncoming storm, the Storm Troopers of Inisfree are a force to be reckoned with --and not to be trifled with.  Called 'STs' for short, these Storm Troopers of the NWO (the positive and uplifting NWO; not the negative one fretted over by the Outlanders) are dispatched with combat-ready, repulsine-equipped, self-sustaining, automatically-repairing, couture spacesuits that far exceed even those of the StarCraft Space Marines and Starship Troopers, as well as that of Tony Stark (Iron Man) and the Mjolnir power-armor of the Spartans in the Halo series.

Background and Enhancements:
The protective 'suits' Inisfreeans now often wear when deploying outside the Perimeter Wall of their city were originally masculine, relatively featureless, knight-like armor plating arrangements based upon the Ghost design of the 1980s.  Now designed for the small female forms of the Inisfreeans, as opposed to the larger and bulkier male Outlander forms of Inisfree's predecessors, these ST suits are nearly as overwhelmingly sexy and visually immobilizing as their enclosed operators themselves.  Furthermore, now that the Inisfreeans have achieved invincibility as well as immortality, these suits are entirely for aesthetic purposes.

Modes of Appearance:
Capable of quickly shifting between multiple exterior forms for various purposes ranging from 'shock and awe' to 'active camouflage', Inisfreean ST suits have the following appearance modes:
  • Invisible (not only to the humans' 'visible spectrum', but also to all other forms of detection)
  • Faceless (the original ST suit design, much like an Imperial Storm Trooper of Star Wars)
  • Armored Humanoid Lioness (lion-helmed (face-mask and metal-mane of curls)​
  • Personified Cosmos (a view of Outer Space wrapped around an armored female silhouette)
Regardless of how they may choose to appear, these genius warrior women of this space-faring city, sometimes referred to as 'the lionesses of Inisfree', pack a godly punch even greater than Superman's.

Inisfreeans can will their individual ST suits to don themselves; to teleport their pieces into place, sealing seamlessly around them (similarly to how The Centurions once used this technology).