NWO Military DTs News:  This is now Inisfree's MBT; Main Battle Tank.
NWO Military DTs
Desolator Tanks

The Inisfreean tank is blend of the designs of the American Sheridan, the Cyberdyne Hunter-killer, the Israeli Merkava, and the StarCraft Siege Tanks.

Outlander Design Corrections:
During deep-river fording, Soviet tanks would sometimes become stuck in the silt and muck at the river bottoms, trapping their crews inside and dooming them to a fate of either starvation, suffocation, or drowning.  Inisfreean tanks can be teleported, and their crewmembers can teleport in and out of them, thus negating this potential threat, as well as the potential threat of becoming trapped during roll-overs and fires.

Outlander tanks also suffered from top-down and turret-well attacks, such as from Javelin missiles, Laser-Guided Munitions airstrikes, and high-caliber sniper rounds such as those from the XM-109 25mm Barrett.  Inisfreean tanks will not suffer from ammunition cache detonations due to top-down or other weak-spot attacks, and tend to use the standard Inisfreean full-spectrum weapon systems commonly called 'rainbow canons', while keeping old-fashioned tank-shell projectile weapons stored in flat-spaces (miniature dimensional pockets).  Thus, should any of their ammunition become struck and lose its structural integrity, the resulting detonations would occur in another dimension; zero harm would befall their vehicle.​​

As for the turret wells of these new tanks, they do not contain combustible oils or greases, and can, like most Inisfreean constructs, deflect, refract, absorb, and/or convert whatever strikes them --and that is assuming whatever strikes them somehow made it through their numerous forms of jamming, shielding, and other countermeasures.​​

Additionally, unlike Outlander tanks, mines cannot cause a mobility-kill by separating individual tank treads, and tanks can resecure or regrow their own treads without need of being towed by M-88 'Hercules' Recovery Vehicles to a nearby military base's motor-pool.​​

Finally, Inisfreean tank drivers are not in a reclined position in the front quarter of these tanks, and cannot become trapped in such a position, as is the case with most Outlander tank models, if the main canon is left directly over the driver's compartment hatch.​​

Like the Merkava, Inisfreean tanks come complete with an Infantry troop compartment in the rear section of their main body.  Inisfreean troops can dismount through the tailgate ramp-hatch or teleport out and back in at will.

Special Munitions:
Inisfreean 'Desolator' Tanks carry heuristic 'smart'-mines which can deploy, bury, and relocate themselves via tunneling.​​​  These tanks are also unique in that all of their projectiles can automatically return to their firing chambers if their targets are destroyed before their arrival, or if they are aborted for other reasons.  Upon returning, which can be expedited via Inisfreean teleportation technology (the 'instant recall' option --which can be technopathically willed as a command bypassing physical consoles), these Inisfreean projectiles refuel and prepare for another firing or firings.  Thus, when Inisfreean projectiles turn around and start racing back toward the friendly vehicles which launched them, this is no cause for alarm or evasive maneuvers.
Deployments and Combat-sex

Inisfreeans are neo-nymphs, and so it is common and almost certain for guests, reinforcements, allies, and attachés to find the Inisfreean Infantry girls (the Inisfreean military is all-female) having bisexual sex in this tank's troop compartment to avoid the annoyance of incoming fire, and outside and on top of their Inisfreean tanks when situations on deployments and patrols are calmer.

Appearance Modes

Like all ST and AP suits, Inisfreean tanks have the following appearance and cloaking options:
  • Basic / Nude (matte white)
  • Cloaked (transparent, showing Outer Space straight through it)
  • Masked (disguised as a boulder or debris)
  • Nova (flashing with the brightness of a star in order to surprise, disorient, or even blind nearby enemies, or remaining as bright as a normal star)​​​