NWO Military WSs News:  There are now millions of these ships in Inisfree's Space Navy, 128 of them docked beneath the city.
NWO Military WSs

Though all Inisfreean vessels may be used as warships, all Inisfreean vessels smaller than these titled WarShips are traditionally reserved for purposes other than full-scale wars; Inisfreean ColonyPods (CPs) are used to smash an enemy city, land on its ruins, then biomechanically grow a replacement city out radially from the landing site, while Inisfreean DropShips (DSs) are used to quickly put a mobile F.O.B. with a squadron and a brigade of Inisfreean troops on the ground. Inisfreean WarShips (WSs) each carry two CPs and eight DSs; enough to put air wings, brigades, and two full-sized cities on the ground in a matter of minutes --even from as distant as high orbit. Thus, WSs are usually only seen in action when wars, not mere battles or skirmishes, erupt, requiring major, long-term presences, blocking major supply channels (on the scale of highways and shipping lanes), reclaiming national borders, and establishing permanent urban centers for indefinite industrial support for all nearby forces for however much time the war in question ends up taking. This way, footholds are much more easily maintained, and teleportation (such as by man-made (Inisfreean-made, in this case) worm-holes) is usually seldom needed, if at all; conservation of energy, and concealment of more advanced technology and techniques.

An IC WS is deployed whenever there is Space warfare on the ocean level down to the continent level; when ships of this scale are not over-qualified and under-utilized.​​

Dimensions & Layout:
WSs are rectangular prisms measuring about 2 miles x 1 mile x 1/3 of a mile. Their underbelly has the 10 circular hatches for their 'child' vessels; again, each 'parent' vessel (the WSs) houses two CPs and eight DSs. It is also of note that since every CP carries four DSs, every WS actually has not eight DSs, but 16.

Depth ('Length'): ~10,500'
Width: ~5,200'
Height: ~1,700'
Floorspace: ~19,007,400 sqft. (per level, having subtracted the space of the CP and DS hangars)
[(5,200' x 10,500') - 2(12,316,299 sqft.) - 8(1,370,000 sqft.)] = (54,600,000 sqft. - 24,632,598 sqft. - 10,960,000 sqft.) = 19,007,402 sqft.

Stories: ~90 (assuming many are 20'-30' tall)
Total Floorspace: ~1,710,666,000 sqft. (19,007,400 x 90 levels)
Personnel: 50,000,000 IC MFs
Dispersion: ~1 IC MF per 34 sqft.; ~1 IC MF per 6'x6' area (1,710,666,000 sqft. / 50,000,000 IC MFs) if evenly dispersed
Overall Layout: rectangular prism with 2 CP hangars and 8 DS hangars, all arranged into two square formations along its underside, with multiple AIOWs throughout, and with its heaviest 'rainbow-canon' (full-spectrum next-gen' laser) running from bow to stern just under the top

Vertical Layout & Primary Inventory Items:
  • Top level: cockpit (9 IC MFs on living thrones made of 3D Celtic-style weaves of IC MFs; ~99 IC MFs total)
  • Higher section: FJs (5,333,320 IC MFs inside 266,660 IC FJs)
  • High section: MPHAs (3,466,320 IC MFs inside 66,660 IC MPHAs)
  • Middle section: STs (21,161,141 IC MFs; Inisfreean Infantry units; ~1,000 divisions; ~5,000 regiments/brigades; ~25,000 battalions)
  • Low section: TKs (7,999,980 IC MFs inside 1,333,330 IC TKs)
  • Lower section: WRs (11,999,880 IC MFs inside 666,660 IC WRs)
  • Lowest hangars: BMs (39,260 IC MFs inside 260 IC BMs)
  • Bottom section: landing gear, etc.
Total Complement: 50,000,000 troops; 25,000 battalions, 1,333,330 tanks, 666,660 APCs, 266,660 fighter-jets, 66,660 cargo aircraft, and 260 BattleMechs​

* Tonnage & composition are classified.​​

Special Features:
Like most Inisfreean vessels, WSs can fire accurately in every direction at the same time, including through virtually countless portals, to overwhelm and confuse the most intense swarms of any enemy forces. Portals can even be opened to fire back toward a WS, such that what it fires out will appear to be disappearing at certain points, reappearing at others, and racing right back in toward it. Because of its 'smart'-projectiles, including 'smart'-energy-beams (such as 'smart'-lasers and 'smart'-masers), 'friendly fire' cannot occur; impacts from Inisfreean projectiles cannot harm Inisfreean vessels or personnel.

Appearance Modes

Like all ST and AP suits, Inisfreean WSs have the following appearance and cloaking options:
  • Basic / Nude (matte white)
  • Cloaked (transparent, showing Outer Space straight through it)
  • Masked (disguised as an asteroid or comet)
  • Nova (flashing with the brightness of a star in order to surprise, disorient, or even blind nearby enemies, or remaining as bright as a normal star)​​​