Igloo Village & Ice Hotel News:  This neighborhood is now home to dozens of luxurious igloos.
Igloo Village & Ice Hotel
Igloo Village & Ice Hotel

Inspired by the Scandinavian and Icelandic resorts made entirely out of blocks of ice (such as Kakslauttane), this new neighborhood of Inisfree boasts the most luxurious igloos and full-sized hotel suites on the planet.  Located at the top of Inisfree's central, largest, and tallest mountain, where the city's HAARP system keeps the climate cold and snowy, this attraction is available for full use year-round.

Dimensions & Layout:
This neighborhood covers an area of about 17,507,635 square feet; about one fifth of the total, circular, topside land area of its parent region, the Snowdunes.  In that space are many dozens of house-sized igloos spread out with several dozen feet of dispersion in all directions; plenty of space for parked and passing sleds, sledges, snowmobiles, cross-country skiers, and more. The ice hotel; the largest of the structures in this neighborhood, is located in the center of the clusters of igloos, and stands a few stories tall above ground, with two basement levels below.  Some of the igloos also have one basement level.

Special Features:
Many of the hotel suites and igloos have both windows and skylights.  Hot tubs and jacuzzis are located in fenced-off outside areas so their steam doesn't warp or melt any of the ice structures. Each room is furnished and decorated, including canopy beds, thrones, love-seats, mats, rugs, furs, throws, wall art, dining tables, sconces, flat-screen 'electronic fireplaces', and more.