Impact Zone News:  Inisfreean recruits are now taught 'suit confidence' via formation-marches here during artillery live-fire.
Impact Zone
The NWO Military's 'Indoor' (inside Inisfree) Impact Zone

All Outlander weapons can be test-fired into and onto this section of Inisfree.  All Inisfreean weapons are often and routinely test-fired into and onto this section.

Routine Reformations:
All craters caused by projectile impacts and other explosions, and all laser and maser scarring of the terrain, automatically heals (fades back away) on-command; whenever it is the will of Inisfree's Governor, all damage is erased, as if this entire desert plain of chaos and doom is shaken and restored to its pristine, virgin state like a giant, flat Etch-a-Sketch.  Craters refill themselves. Charred soil becomes normal again.  Sand fused into glass by nuclear event exposure re-separates into the fine-grain particles it once was.  Even chipped bedrock at the lowest soil-horizon reforms as if it was never struck.

Any vehicles, personnel, or other objects foreign to this impact range, should they be in the area during its terrain reset processes, will be gently raised up out of the craters turning back into flat, even ground, or merely slid slightly off to the side as laser and maser scarring are erased.  It is not possible to become trapped beneath this reforming landmass, as it is part of the Inisfreean's 'smart'-terrain.

pics of AZ/ NM impact nuke fields

the Inisfreean NWO Military recruits practice call-for-fire by calling in artillery, mortars, airstrikes, naval gunfire, and orbital bombardments on their own positions.  During live-fire incoming, they then practice their military bearing, and recite their prescribed knowledge.

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