India Temple News:  This temple is used predominantly for meditation and silent practice of the Kama Sutra.
India Temple
India Temple

Although T&A has an Indian architectural influence, it is also largely influenced by Chinese and Italian architecture.  The temple dedicated entirely to the Indian 'look and feel' is located near the ruins neatly seated atop the Dragon's-back ridge-line.  This temple was built to look like the only still-standing, fully-intact, preserved remains of what appears to have long ago been a much larger complex of temples and other buildings atop this mountain range.

Dimensions & Layout:
This temple is nearly 200 feet across, and is just as tall, as well as deep (down below the surface), giving it nearly 40,000 square feet of floor-space on its first floor, and a volume of 16,000,000 cubic feet.  It has normal-sized floors (10 feet tall) along with much larger ones (a few to several stories tall; 30 to 70 feet tall).  It is full of pagoda-style balconies, cascading terraces, and window slits and holes to let in sunlight at specific times of the day to glow upon reflective surfaces (such as gold shields) fused upon some of its walls; this is to mimic the natural outside brightness, except during the Antarctic season of sunlight during which the Sun never sets.  At that disorientingly light time of year, this temple is designed to remain quite dark at night, helping to maintain a more human sleeping and waking schedule.

Special Features:
There are no luxuries in this temple honoring ancient India; none that you would find over at the sex university called T&A, anyway.  There are no beds of nails, nor any snakes, either.  Instead, you will find mosaics of the chakras, along with a new life-form genetically engineered by the Inisfreeans; the dildo-headed, snake-like creatures which slither around inside this temple's many more shadowy rooms, always waiting to pleasure the girls who come here with curiosity (an open mind) and horniness (an open groin).