Underway News:  This attraction deep beneath the surface of Inisfree now offers the largest sex dungeons in the Universe.
The Black-ice Skulls Under-highway
The Under-highway

This is the longest subterranean facility in all of Inisfree, spanning six miles from where it connects with the innermost corner of the Uber Geode... to the other side of Inisfree where it ends in a vast A.I.O.W. leading up to the half sand covered fake-ruins of the Civilian Desert.  A silenced length of the G.A.H. runs the length of this straight-away cavern.  There are 52 main, ellipsoid, annex chambers; 26 per side, with hundreds more of various smaller sizes, all branching off from this main, central tunnel in a labyrinthine fashion.

Though now called 'the Underway', for short, this construct was originally called 'the Black-ice Skulls Underway' due to a long section of its main tunnel's floor being transparent glass (resin) over a black-walled trench filled with fake skulls and other skeletal remains designed to look like what Dante described in his book, Inferno.​​

It is predominantly Drow and the Inisfreean variants of the Xenomorphs which you will find in this part of Inisfree.  The various annex cave chambers of this Underway house either a Drow town, a Xenomorph Hive (the Inisfreean version which only leads to sexual pleasures), or the restaurants, night-and-dance clubs, and other underground attractions of Inisfree.

Overall Function:
This is the largest and most elaborate sex dungeon (for BDSM) in the history of the Universe.  It is here that girls come to enjoy the sexual thrills that go even beyond that of the B.T.B.s.  Instead of just special Sybians which penetrate and stimulate all of their three main holes and other bodyparts, girls here find the Inisfreean version of the Xenomorphs; now those black-colored, ant-like, humanoid aliens do not kill their hosts to grow their populations, but capture, restrain, and fill them with with cum.  Impregnation options are also available for the girls who wish it, activated via their by-mind commands through the Inisfreean Neural Network.

* You can read more about some of the beastiality and impregnations which take place here... at the bottom of this webpage.​​

As with all Inisfreean constructs and areas, this one is just as easy to monitor over every square inch and across the full spectrum.

The Temple of Pluto

The lone temple in this section of Inisfree is in honor of the (positive) god of the underworld, afterlife, and mineral wealth, as well as one of the husbands of Persephone; Venus; goddess of love, beauty, and sex.