Extreme Exterior News:  The New Horizon spacecraft carrier is now the only Inisfreean-staffed Space vessel making routine patrols of this realm.
Extreme Exterior
Extreme Exterior

Realm Description:
'Extreme' in the sense of distance from the point of origin of this reference frame, the Extreme Exterior is the Inisfreean title given to the region or 'realm' beyond that which is considered (just) 'Outside the Orb'.  The Extreme Exterior of Inisfree includes all deep water areas and land masses beyond the reaches of Antarktis and the Antarctic Circle, as well as all Outer Space beyond the 'high orbit' ceiling (often the edge of ETW's magnetosphere), and all dimensions / planes / realities that Inisfree is not anchored in or able to shift through.

Dimensions & Layout:
It is simpler to refer to this designated realm as 'the Universe minus Inisfree' or 'reality minus Inisfree' or 'Creation minus Inisfree'.  This realm is, just as its name suggests, just about everything else that exists anywhere, including in all other dimensions and time streams.

Though called 'extreme' in the sense that it is the farthest realm away from the Inisfreean home city, all of its environments, even if inside a black hole or out in the deepest of Space, are considered mild and pleasant to the Inisfreean people who are born with the strength of the gods, 


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