Luxury Guard Turrets News:  These giant Chess pieces-shaped lookout towers, standing several stories tall, provide overlapping overwatch for most of Inisfree.
Luxury Guard Turrets
Luxury Guard Turrets

These are the stand-alone, castle-style guard towers staffed by Inisfree's police.  Scattered throughout the more frequented areas of Inisfree, these towers serve comparably to how forest ranger lookout towers do, with the obvious exception being that they are extremely luxuriously furnished and decorated, and, of course, that the Inisfreean girls manning them are keeping a vigil not so much for fires or fighting, but any guests of the city who look like they could use some loving.  Inisfreean girls are super-nymphs, after all.

Dimensions & Layout:
Each of these towers stands several stories tall and has one ship-style access hatch at the base, a single room at ground level, a single basement, and then a series of suites up to the one-room lookout level just under the one-room attic inside the conical roof of armor-shingles.  All one-room levels are radial.  All suite levels have flat internal walls dividing them.  All levels have one-way 'glass' (actually a transparent, polarized metal; see-through armor plating), with the one-way windows near the top (around the lookout level just under the roof and attic) having the option to become two-way via the Inisfreean by-mind interface (controllable only by the personnel on duty in any given guard turret at any given shift).

Special Features:
Each Inisfreean guard turret includes a mini armory with enough weapons, firepower, and related accessories to give the three to five Inisfreean girls on watch everything they might ever need to defeat an army of thousands or more (though Inisfreeans, of course, are virtually indestructible and could, if they desired, just punch and teleport their way through any hostile force).  Each of these guard turrets also comes standard with a B.T.B. for its wall-less, throne-like 'restroom' (where Outlanders would go to 'use the bathroom'), giving the Inisfreean girls not actively scanning everything in their guard turret's line of sight ample opportunity to relax, unwind, and 'get off' via the most advanced Sybian machine of all time.


The term 'turret' is chosen because it literally means 'smaller tower', which these lookout posts are when compared to their much taller 'cousins', the Sentry Towers outside the Perimeter Wall.​