Waterfalls Park News:  All waterfalls are now permanently regulated to be roughly 105°F at their top lip, feeling like warm shower and tub water at their base.

Waterfalls are spread out across the whole of the Inisfreean realm, and are utilized as their traditional and preferred method for taking showers and baths.  Like Outlander showers, all Inisfreean waterfalls have temperature, water pressure, and output angle controls.  Usually each Inisfreean waterfall has its settings fixed, but the Governor can will them to be adjusted from time to time, should a guest make the request.

Dimensions & Layouts:
Some Inisfreean waterfalls are only a foot or two wide, and only fall for just as many feet. Others, however, fall for a mile or more.  There are also some that are thousands of feet wide, and some that even go in reverse; up instead of down (and these are called, appropriately, water-rises). Eight waterfalls pour out of the Avalanche Wall at even intervals from each other, evenly dividing this region-separating barrier into octants, and it is these waterfalls which feed the tributaries running down the city's central mountain's slopes, eventually becoming its rivers and canals.

Special Features:
Inside the Tree-castle Complex near the main guest gate of the city, waterfalls turn into streams and rivers suspended in mid air, flowing right through the centers of the many hollow cylinders of this particular attraction and housing structure.  Inisfreeans also make use of some of their portal technology here, using portals to create gaps in these bodies of water, negating the need for bridges or ferries.

​​Most Inisfreean showers have waterfall and waterfall-wall options, too.


[Waterfalls] Directory

Avalanche Wall:  8
Civilian Desert:  1 (into the oasis)
​Cliff Stepway:  1
​Cloud City II:  (dozens)
DropShips & ColonyPods:  (dozens per)
​Flower Towers:  80 (8 per tower)
Governor's Mansion:​  2 (plus showers)
​​Grocery Store:  (dozens; per main pillar)
​Niagara II:  1​
Rainforest Crater:  3​
​Slant-top Spire:  3
Sotu:  (thousands)​
Spire Temple:  1
Tantric Academy:  4​
Tree Castles:  (dozens)​
Uber Geode:  (hundreds)
Uluru II:  1
Underdome:  (hundreds)​
Underway:  (hundreds)​
Water-rise:  1​
Waterfall City II:  (hundreds)​