WGI HQ News:  All business executives and their entourages may now stay in this skyscraper's suites for the duration of their visit.

Located in the dead center of SotU, this, the tallest spire-shaped skyscraper in all of Inisfree, serves as the office building for the intergalactic corporate giant WGI.  In common, daily speech, though its full name is War God Industries' Headquarters, this monolithic cornerstone of Inisfreean architecture is simply spoken of by its abbreviation, W.G.I.H.Q..  It is within the many suites and offices of this sky-high spire, built in honor of the amazing achievements of the people of Dubai with their Burj Khalifa tower, that the c-level management of all WGI production and inter-dimensional trade occurs, directing the traffic from Inisfree's multiple flash-cloning factories and assembly-line-like forges to its distribution ports and commercial repulsine aerospacecraft at its Civilian Aerospaceport.

What It Manages:
WGIHQ manages all of the operations of the Auto-Autos factories (which produce couture, personal automobiles, and government vehicles for city-wide maintenance, each with repulsine-vertices as standard), WMKM Ansible radio and television (including Inisfreean-made motion pictures filmed at WMKM Studios), Grunt adult entertainment (filmed at WMKM Studios and across all of the Inisfreean realm; Inisfree-city and wherever deployed Inisfreeans may be), and both the soft- (online) and hard-copy versions of MKM (Mein Komedy Magazine), which is shipped in bulk from Inisfree's Distribution Facility.

Prerequisites for Doing Business with WGIHQ:
Inisfreeans are uncompromising beings who seek to barter with Outlanders capable of providing them with ongoing supplies of the most attractive female humans and humanoids.  In proportion to how 'hot', numerous, and teenaged the proposed girls-for-trade are, the business deal of the WGI executives here at WGIHQ will be made.  The more Inisfreean products you wish to have, the higher quality females (at the high Inisfreean standards) you must provide.  

​​* It is important to note that Inisfreean products are only invincible while in the realm of the Inisfreeans; either while they are in Inisfree-city or Star-system Auzdein, or while they are being commanded by the Inisfreeans themselves.  Once they are handed over to Outlanders, the mortality and mentality of each Outlander greatly affects their longevity, though they still remain arguably the most well-made products in all of the Universe.  Unable to fix a particular issue with your mortal-ized Inisfreean product after an accident?  Just contact your nearest Inisfreean representative and arrange a trade in exchange for service.

While Inisfree is the capital city of both the Earth and Star-system Auzdein (making it the very first world capital), WGI HQ tower here in downtown Sotu is its capitol; the building where all of the leadership of these many and great realms gather to discuss important matters to their peoples, as well as just hang-out and socialize from time to time.  Unlike previous capitals, Inisfree taxes no one, and protects everyone's sovereignty even if they aren't part of the Inisfreean empire. This is symbolized by the World Flag flying atop WGI HQ tower (at an equal height alongside its sister-flag; the rainbow-tie-dye backdrop and swastika of Inisfree), and by the flags of every nation on Earth, as well as the flags of every non-human civilization on friendly terms with the Inisfreeans (such as that of the Asari), whose flagpoles are encircling WGI HQ tower's wide base amidst its Caribbean-colored moats and pools.

Awesome Blossom

When the pentacle section inside Sotu closes up and hovers up 3/4 of a mile into the Inisfreean airspace above this dense urban area, slowly rotating all the way up, it contains exactly at its center and axis of rotation the headquarters for the inter-dimensional super-corporation, WGI; WGIHQ Tower.

This closing inner-city feature was originally designed as an innermost protection system where a huge portion of this construct called Sotu-city itself (skyscrapers, GAH sections, and all)​​ becomes a Titan-sized 'turtle shell' arrangement of overlapping shields.  Over time, though, it became something more...

​WGIHQ Tower is a 3/4-of-a-mile tall skyscraper, fashioned after -and in honor of- the 1/2-of-a-mile tall Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai.  The offices of its CEO, Lord Auzdein von Himmler, are, naturally, located at the very top of this pentacle-based spire.

Imagine being inside that office, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows in all directions, with a view over the 1/2-mile tall wall surrounding Sotu.  Imagine next... watching your view begin to change as this rise and rotation starts; as your sky-high private executive office at the very top of WGIHQ Tower begins to ascend with its entire building in tow, five suburb-sized isosceles triangles of skyscraper zones begin rising up and in from all sides toward your office windows.  Finally, imagine the view you would have ​​as, after total darkness within those five combined isosceles triangles of Sotu sections having sealed all around your skyscraper, WGIHQ Tower, ...the first beams of Sun and starlight shining through and illuminating the shadowy interior of that 3/4-of-a-mile tall, hollow pentagonal pyramid they all formed, and seeing all of their skyscrapers arc back out and down away from your lofty office windows until... at long last... they ease back down into their isosceles-shaped housing-indentions in the ground-level of Sotu... the very last moment both your and their slow, steady rotation slows to a halt.  Now both moons (Earth's and Inisfree's; Cloud City II) are again in view, as are many of the facilities, attractions, and landforms of Inisfree, such as its 2-mile-tall central mountain, Waterfall City a little ways down its slope, Statue Park are little farther down, then the Flower Towers, the Epcot II Museum just beyond them, and the Civilian Aerospaceport just beyond that.  What a ride!  What a view!

​​That is how the Governor of this city; the ruler of all Inisfree (both its city and private star-system) and the CEO of WGI, celebrates New Year's; not with a ball-dropping ceremony, but with a headquarters-skyscraper and entire-city rising ceremony!  As it is said:  Aaa-men.

The design for this holiday-triggered 'moving-cityscape'​​ originated during one of the Governor's expeditions to the Outlands; in downtown Dallas, a city in Texas, he saw that the restaurant inside the building-sized sphere atop one of that city's skyscrapers was slowly rotating. Then, during a much later expedition to Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates, he learned of 'shape-shifting' skyscrapers which boasted every single floor slowly rotating at different rates in order to make their buildings appear to twist and change shapes.  Taking the next logical step, he had not one internal floor, nor even a whole tower full of floors, but a huge portion of the city slowly rotate -and, while he was at it, he figured, why not make the whole thing float up like a hovercraft, too?  A few years of researching, prototyping, and construction later, and the Awesome Blossom of Inisfree was born.

​​If you want to see someone's eyes go wide and their jaw drop all the way, leaving their mouth open in blissful disbelief, wait for them to catch sight of this spectacle on New Year's Eve night just a few minutes before midnight... and then watch in amused enjoyment as they stand their, transfixed and spellbound, until a few minutes into the first hour of New Year's Day; this is the time when this 'Awesome Blossom' of Inisfree has opened back up, 'blooming', as it were, to reveal its innermost and central focal point and masterpiece, WGI HQ Tower; the place where the leadership from nearly one million colonized worlds of advanced peoples from across the galaxy come to meet, socialize, and plan the futures of their empires and communities.

​​Watch and behold as this nexus of the galaxy's finest erupts in fireworks, spot-lights, laser light-shows, and orbiting holograms the moment it comes back into view amidst its lowering 'petals' of isosceles skyscraper ground sections, all of this amazing show of sparkles and flashes happening amidst showers of fluttering confetti beneath two layers of auroras and two glowing moons, and all of it slowly floating back down to settle back amongst its base surrounded by internally-glowing translucent city-streets and triple-decker Glowing Art Highway sections, bioluminescent trees and other subtly glowing landscaping, such as Inisfree's signature rose-ivy, and the hints of night-rainbows fading in and out of view wherever the mist from this inner-city's many fountains-made-of-giant-gemstones and waterfalls-pouring-down-from-skyscraper-crowns converge and warmly mist the nearby, perfectly clean air.

Welcome to WGIHQ, the Awesome Blossom of Sotu and Inisfree.​​  We hope you enjoy your stay.  Namaste.

The Council of Elders:

Though they are truly elders by any measure (some being more than 1,000,000 years old), they are also immortals and ascended masters, and none of them look a day older than 20, with the exception, of course, being those few amongst them who simply choose to, such as the leader of all Inisfreeans and the whole of the Inisfreean realm, the Governor of Inisfree-city, Lord Auzdein von Himmler, King of Kings; he usually chooses to appear in his mid-30s; an eternally virile-looking, brown-haired wizard-king.

Represented Races:
They meet in groups whose total number of people is always a prime number, as this is part of the timeless and most advanced science they now understand and are restoring on countless worlds.  In the highest boardroom at WGI HQ tower in the center of Sotu; 'downtown' Inisfree, their meeting number is 17, and these select 17 represent the greatest empires in the Universe:
  1. Angels
  2. Asari
  3. Aspara
  4. Demi-deities
  5. Demons (Angels)
  6. Drow
  7. Elementals
  8. Elves (and Eldar)
  9. Fay
  10. Inisfreeans
  11. Kryptonians
  12. Naga
  13. Nymphs (and Dryads)
  14. Pleiadians (Nordic)
  15. Vampires
  16. Werewolves
  17. X-Men (Humans)
Though humans are familiar with some of the Earthling Aspara, Elves, Fay, Nymphs, and so on, each of the above 17 races of humanoids constitute trillions of others of their kind, and occupy many other worlds throughout Creation, making each of their species an intergalactic superpower​.

A Restored Peace:
Since demons are also angels, like the once diametrically opposed Great Britain and colonial United States, these once warring parties are now allies again, and can peacefully coexist and enjoy meaningful relations and genuinely polite gatherings.  Thus, we enjoy both the company of their angelic and demonic delegates at our boardroom here at WGI HQ tower.
Meeting Etiquette; the Greetings of the Gods:

Inisfreeans are a new race of nymphs, and so it is that all of their greetings are holistic ones; forms of communication and other interaction which include the whole body, rather than just a few parts (such as smiling lips, a speaking mouth, and a waving or hand-shaking hand).  This means that sexual exchanges are by default a part of each greeting, and in Inisfree, all sex is at the group level; orgies.  So, anyone approved for entry into Inisfree as a guest is sexually compatible with the Inisfreean people, and introductions are not merely the Outlander method of saying given names and chatting about a topic or two to 'break the ice'.  Here in Inisfree, first encounters mean sex, sometimes lovemaking, sometimes rougher and more barbaric than that, but always wild and deeply satisfying.  If there are a large number of people meeting the Inisfreeans for the first time, for example, they will take turns pairing up with each of the Inisfreeans in the group they are meeting, then begin grouping in threes, until everyone has had at least a threesome with every possible combination of those in their meet-up group.

Return Greetings:
With the proverbial 'ice broken' from the introductions, all return greetings jump right into sex much more quickly, always eagerly, almost instantly.  Those who are familiar with the Inisfreeans are also, by default, intimate with them, even beyond being platonic, and it is a common sight in Inisfree to see guests of this city casually 'jacking off' or fingering the Inisfreean(s) they are near, even if they are window shopping or otherwise strolling around in public in any region of this realm. At this headquarters office building of the super-corporation staffed by the most elite and royal of all Inisfreeans, these casual sexual interactions are not only the bare minimum, but also expected to be performed with such otherworldly finesse, heart, focus, and impressive technique combinations that they would put any porn stars and escorts to shame --even the Registered Companions of the Outlands.

Parting Gestures:
Whenever one is saying their goodbyes or farewells to an Inisfreean or Inisfreeans, as much as Outlanders expect or hope for a hug or handshake, Inisfreeans expect a few hours or consecutive days of passionate, powerful fucking and orgies, and they often throw and host parties just for such occasions.  At this headquarters building, this is especially true, and these parties can take up entire floors of the skyscrapers in this downtown part of Inisfree, as well as, on special occasions with very sexually compatible demi-deities, whole city blocks (orgies right out in the city streets, alleyways, and everything, even with live bands playing arousing music right next to each group).
The Specifics:

Representatives of the Great Races:
Each intergalactic superpower race is represented by its most exemplary female delegate:
  1. The Angels are represented by: Divinity Gottschalk whose names mean "delightful" and "servant of God".
  2. The Asari are represented by: Liara T'Soni (former Shadow Broker, recovered from her crash-landing after the Reapers Incident).
  3. The Aspara are represented by: Urvashi (whose name means "one who controls the heart").
  4. The Demi-deities are represented by:  Freyja (a.k.a. Aphrodite / Venus); reduced from a full-fledged goddess after Ragnarok (part of the Rapture Campaign, which deployed Inisfreean forces into Asgard and the rest of 'The Heavens'), she was offered the chance to live on as a concubine in Inisfree, and, still being a great magician (advanced scientist, sometimes called a witch or sorceress), both her herbal and aesthetic wisdom and wizardry make her a fantastic healer, though her former status as the Norse goddess of sex and promiscuity ("free love") has now been astronomically bested by the perfect genius of Inisfree and the Inisfreean people in that field of study.
  5. The Demons are represented by:  Lamia; a half woman, half serpent demon (though the Naga are represented by Tempest Thema); a sea monster (though not a sea-nymph); a night demon that preys on children, also a vampire (though not a representative of the land-based, human vampire race).
  6. The Drow are represented by:  Xull'rae Zauviir (the only redhaired Drow).
  7. The Elementals are represented by: Queen Xephia whose new royal palace has been built in Earth's Shadow Lands.
  8. The Elves are represented by: Tauriel (a Silvan (Woodland) Elf whose name means "daughter of the forest").
  9. The Fay are represented by:  Queen Oona (from Uonaidh, whose name means "lamb" or "one").
  10. The Inisfreeans are represented by:  The Governor of Inisfree, King Himmler (whose title-&-name means "noble leader who lives in the high-altitude pleasant place"), and when his duties keep him from these meetings, his people are represented by Nyria Serra (Haifa Wehbe ICV) or Amber Heard (ICV).  * Though not a female himself, the entire Inisfreean realm is the same one being and person, and so, as that makes all Inisfreeans (who are all females) extensions of his same body and consciousness, that also makes him a multi-sexual 'female-oid'.
  11. The Kryptonians are represented by: Kara Zor-El (known on Earth as Claire Connors, whose names mean "clear and bright" and "lover of wolves").
  12. The Naga are represented by: Tempest Thema (whose names mean "a violently windy storm" and "queen").
  13. The Nymphs are represented by:  Queen Thetis (whose names means "order"), of the sea-nymphs (a.k.a. Merfolk or Merpeople; Mermaids and Mermen).
  14. The Pleiadians are represented by: Maya Erra. Maya, in several languages from around the Earth, can mean "spring","brook", "generous", "princess", "honorable matriarch", and "love". Her surname is a reference to her people's home planet which shares its name with that of the Mesopotamian god, 'lord of affray and carnage'; an especially violent and war-like god, the roots of whose name mean 'scorched' or 'charred', as in the aftermath of a grass or forest fire. Also, in Japanese, Maya was the name of the mother of Buddha.
  15. The Vampires are represented by: Queen Ambrosia LeMorte (whose names mean "the food of the gods" and "the death of").
  16. The Werewolves are represented by: Elena Antonov Michaels whose names mean "shining light" or "bright one", "descendant of Anton" (a variation of Antonius; Anthony, which means "praiseworthy" or "priceless"), and "descendant of Michael" (Michael, being the archangel, whose name is the rhetorical question 'Who is like God'?, the expected Abrahamic response being 'No one.').
  17. The X-Men are represented by:  Emma Grace Frost (whose names mean "whole; universal", "God's favor", and "white hair" or "freezing").
This Skyscraper's Dimensions:
WGI HQ Tower has a base with a diameter of 462 feet, and stands 3,630 feet tall; over 360 stories; nearly three quarters of a mile tall.  Its lower stories have as many as 167,553 square feet of floor-space; that's enough room for nearly 6 of the largest mansions per story.  At the top of this skyscraper, each story has over 2,800 square feet of floor-space; enough for a full-sized house and then some.

Special Features:
At any time, the CEO's office in this skyscraper can double as a command & control room, activating the feature of this central part of Sotu which is normally only seen once a year (at the very end of New Year's Eve); the Governor of Inisfree can use his desk in that penthouse office to raise up entire city blocks in Sotu to close around this headquarters skyscraper of his like triangular flower petals larger than even aircraft carriers and Naval fleets, forming an armored shell around his corporation's towering nerve center as easily as one might press a key on a keyboard, and thereby giving WGI HQ the tonnage and stopping power of a Dreadnought.

For further details about each of the members of this council, navigate here.