News with Anatomy:  Inisfreeans and all their constructs are now formed using the SRC particles.
Inisfreean Anatomy
Epidermal Structure

No Freckles, Blemishes, Moles, Warts, Blisters, or Sunburns:
Inisfreeans are immune to all of these things, regardless of exposure duration or intensity.  Like their building- and vehicular-constructs, each Inisfreean is powered by star-light, wind, rain, vibrations (speaking, singing, dancing, earthquakes), body-heat, and thought-energy (whether relatively 'good' or 'bad'), and automatically converts and redistributes Ansible-ly any excess to their city's power grid.

Optional Scars:
Inisfreeans can flex their semi-shape-shifting skin to show where scars would have been if they hadn't immediately healed; this is seldom done except to please the Governor aesthetically.  An Inisfreean's scar is retained in muscle-memory, but not worry-memory, and never has time to pus or scab.

Full Spectrum of Earth Tones:
Inisfreean's are never pale or albino, and range in complexion pigment from ivory, cream, golden-peach, olive, cinnamon, mocha, and bronze, through all the browns, but are also never dark brown or black.  Inisfreeans do tan based on star-light exposure, but can change and hold their tan level at will.  It is a common tradition amongst their people to will their skin to be a medium brown to compliment fiery, long, cascading locks of hair alternating through all the warm colors and greens to make themselves match the colors of autumn's red-orange-yellow flora.

Infinitely Smooth:
Even Inisfreean callouses are "as smooth as a baby's bottom" when their surfaces are touched, yet these callouses work better than Human (Outlander) ones.

Featureless and Flawless:  
Inisfreeans are incapable of developing varicose veins, and their blood vessels can never be seen as bulges, ridges, pipes, or even subtle slopes.

*All Inisfreean girls also have those phenomenally sexy, naturally occurring, perfectly shaped, pelvic dimples.​​
Hair Facts

Beyond Rainbow Flexing:
Like their eyes, Inisfreeans can will their hair to be any color and brightness, including pure white to match the winter season.  Inisfreean's never use bleach or dyes on their hair; they don't ever need to.

Humidity Has No Effect:
Inisfreean hair will not lose its styling, curling tighter or uncurling completely, based on any meteorological effects or changes.

Further details:
More on Inisfreean hair can be found on our sub-page.
Facial Structure

100% Bilateral:
Girls born of Inisfree have perfectly even faces and bodies.

The 'heart shape' refers to the basic appearance of their face as viewed front-on; high cheek-bones, gently rounded cheeks, even curves, and a feminine jaw narrower than a male's and curving into a smaller chin.

No 'Butt-cuts':
The natural hairlines of these girls does not come to a point at the top center of their foreheads.

Straight Nasal Bridge, Turned-up Tip:
Inisfreeans are incapable of having permanent wrinkles as a result of frowning, but can have a slight curve of one ridge of flesh when crinkling their noses to be cute or snarl.

Full, Pouty Lips:  
The lips of these girls are naturally full, pink, infinitely kissable, and smoothly blended around their edges with the surrounding skin, and Inisfreean girls never make the disgusting 'duck face'.

No Cleft or Double Chin:
All Inisfreean chins are smooth straight across; no indentions where the middle jaw-bones connection occurs.

No Over-bite or Under-bite:
Inisfreean jaws and teeth line up precisely. 

High Cheekbones:
It is said that supermodels always have high cheekbones, and that people tend to trust those who have high cheekbones more.  All Inisfreean girls have this feature.

No Sunken Eye Sockets:  
Inisfreeans are incapable of having wrinkles or dark spots anywhere around their eyes, even when squinting or 'narrowing one's gaze'.  They also cannot get discoloration or 'bags under their eyes' from tiredness, fatigue, or sickness.

Eyebrows Naturally Perfectly Groomed:
Their eyebrows naturally grow femininely; full and trimmed / edged in the center and middle, to diagonally swooping as they narrow into points at the outside ends, always a bit thinner and shorter than a male's would be.

Saucery Doe-eyes:
Eyeballs are never beady or over-sized, eyes are never spaced too closely or far apart, and sclera are always featureless white and gleamy with the perfect amount of tear duct moisture.  Irises and pupils are 1 to 3 millimeters wider than Human (Outlander) irises and pupils (with any Inisfreean dilation percentage is compared to the equivalent Human dilation percentage).
Naming Convention

Primary Name:
Inisfreean first names usually reflect the Outlander they were cloned based upon.

Last names do not indicate biological parents or lineage, nor legal relationships in any way. Hyphens or spaces simply separate multiple names that sound good, whether they have meaning or not, and Inisfreeans do not associate the root or origin of a name or any word with the way the person is expected to be or become.

Numerical Name:
The two numbers attached as part of an Inisfreean's full name indicate the FOB they were born in, and the batch-number of that FOB.  As there is so-far only one FOB, Inisfree, all numerical name portions begin with "1".

Astrological Surname:
Zodiacal signs are frequented as name portions, often indicating the zodiacal sign the Inisfreean was born under; a similar practice is the Native American naming convention where-by their offspring are named for the first thing they see upon stepping outside the birthing tipi right after the birth.

* If Inisfree anchors itself on or in another cosmic body or dimension, the Zodiacal signs will be different, so instead of the 13 Earth-That-Was zodiacal signs, the new local zodiacal signs visible from Inisfree's anchor-portal will be used in the naming.  The Rising Sign ('Ascendant'), Sun Sign, and Moon Sign, may also be used, and, if so, will always follow after the Zodiacal Sign.  If the local cosmic body has multiple stars and moons, multiple Sun- and Moon-Signs may become part of the Inisfreean's name.

"What do you go by?"  
Inisfreeans universally go by and call each other by their simplest, preferred name, which is usually just their first name, an intentional alternative spelling of it, a shortened version of it, or a nickname / pet-name.

Name Changes:
With the exception of sometimes-shifting nick- and pet-names, these do not occur, nor are they desired.

'Universal' Name Characteristics:
Inisfreeans are assigned their names at conception (the moment the Governor tells the Grid Mind to have the city's cloning vats create a version of an Outlander or one of his original designs). Their names come from a list of acceptable names, which only the Governor has access to.

In summation, an Inisfreean may have between only 1 name, and dozens of names, based on where they were born (where Inisfree had a portal open to at the time of their birth) and what the Governor felt like including in their name at the time.  In the Gird Mind records, all of their astrological data is kept whether it is part of their name or not, and in FOB-Book (Inisfree's equivalent of Facebook and Fuckbook), each Inisfreean's webpage will display their alphanumeric name (including their home-FOB and its clone-batch numbers). 
Inisfreean Anatomy

Inisfreeans are basically the sexiest human females you will ever encounter anywhere in the Universe, and that is made possible largely due to how they are built rather than born; sung into existence in batches of 50, formed from arrangements of the revolutionary DNA replacement called SRC, with even their personalities cloned and confirmed.

Picture Perfect in Every Way:
In stark contrast to Outland cloning, Inisfreean cloning has been designed and refined to produce only beauties void of a single physical or mental flaw.  Contrary to primitive, superstitious, insecure Outlander thinking and hearsay, this does not result in boredom or psychoses, but a new level of energy, happiness, and horniness.  You won't find any Inisfreean-born girls sulking, infighting, or looking unkempt.  They are the models of all things good and sexy.

Physical Strength:
Every Inisfreean has godlike strength which bests even that of the Kryptonians; Clark Kent (Kal-El) and Kara Zor-El..

Brain and Mindpower:
Every Inisfreean is born with a next-gen' version of HP's 'The Machine' supercomputer as her brain, giving each Inisfreean the innate ability to think as rapidly and mistake-free as the most advanced of all Outlander machines.

Aging Advisory:  
Inisfreeans do not mark time, nor do they age, in the same way or at the same rate as Outlanders.  As Inisfreeans go through the physical developments of infancy and childhood, they remain inside their respective, individual cloning vat, aging just one Earth-year.  When they are born from their vat, they have the form and full development of an adolescent human female -including all of an adolescent's desires- (never needing Outlander puberty), but the height of a toddler.  While in their elementary-equivalent schooling in the Undercity (which includes the full battery of Inisfreean sexual education), their looks and form never change, except to grow proportionately until they are roughly 5-feet tall. From birth to Hatchling status, 10 actual Earth-years pass for them.  Once graduated to the surface-realm of Inisfree, their expanding immediately slows down (a reversal of Outlander growth spurts), and their looks barely change at all for the rest of their lives.  The more years pass for them as Hatchlings, Inisfreeans, and Master Females, the more slowly their height will increase.  By Inisfreean-age 20 (the only point at which they will look slightly closer to age 19 than 15), they will have grown up to be between 5-feet and 5'9", they will never grow taller after this age, and they will still, as always, look like fully developed teenagers.  Their engineering, educating, farming, dieting, exercising, and other lifestyle signatures keep them effectively immortal in the most beautiful, youthful form imaginable.

From Inisfreean-age 10 to 20, each successive Inisfreean-age takes much longer than the one before it, so although technically they do graduate from their city's sole High School within 16 actual Earth-years of being alive, their bodies will continue to look about 15-years-old long after this date.  Below is a chart to better explain: 

(BMI:  Body Mass Index, WHR:  Waist-to-Hip Ratio, HWB:  Hip-Waist-Bust ratio)



​​​​​So when an Inisfreean says they are 20 years old, that means they have reached their Inisfreean-measured 20th mark of forming and training (appearing physically to be about 19 to 20 at the oldest), and are
hundreds of actual-years old, if not much, much older.  Inisfreeans don't see this as lying or twisting the truth; they choose to say their age in this way to simplify things for those who are not yet ready, in their opinion, to learn of the details.

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