Inisfreean Concerts News:  The majority of concerts within Inisfree are performed by this city's multi-talented, all-girl band, V.R..
Inisfreean Concerts
Inisfreean Concerts

Inisfree's own music band, Violent Rebirth II (sometimes abbreviated as V.R.II, VR2, or just V.R.), includes some of the finest musicians in the Universe, and together they put on concerts at various venues across their home city.  These concerts range in size from small garage gatherings... to millions of fans packing mile-wide constructs such as the Auz'dome.

There are several areas and constructs of this city designated for concerts.  They are as follow:

Special Guest Appearances:
As one of the founding members of the original V.R. band, the Governor of Inisfree himself sometimes joins in the festivities by standing in as lead vocalist and one of the band's guitarists, though he also enjoys playing the keyboard, piano, and pipe organ, among other things.

There is a highly modified firetruck whose top becomes an adjustable stage for music bands such as Violent Rebirth, and it is used as both a touring bus and mobile stage for large gatherings away from the venues listed on this webpage.  Its lights and spinners can be set to any colors, and its extendable ladder's hoses can be used to spray (completely non-toxic) glow-in-the-dark liquids out over crowds of fans at night --or in the darkness of the Underway!