Inisfreean Islands News:  The world-class Necker Island resort is now managed by the Inisfreean government.
Inisfreean Islands
Inisfreean Islands

Inisfree, technically an island itself, now also manages multiple other island communities, such as Necker Island, founded by Sir Richard Branson back during the 21st century A.D..  Almost entirely tropical, this growing collection of islands serves as an intermediary territory; a place where foreign dignitaries can meet with Inisfreean representatives on neutral ground and enjoy a stepping-stone toward better understanding one another and coexisting.

Dimensions & Layout:
There are hundreds of thousands of islands spread out across both the inner and outer surfaces of the Earth.  Some are tidally submerged, some are barely enough for one person to stand on, and some are the size of Greenland and Australia.  Some island chains make up thousands of islands, such as in the Indian Ocean.  The islands of these that the Inisfreeans now claim as their island territories are those which are the most pleasant and paradisaical, experiencing the least inclement weather (such as hurricanes, tsunamis, and typhoons), and which are sure to remain the most remote and the least contested as the sparred humans (now predominantly in Nuuk) begin to spread back out in their global 'second chance' to live in harmony with the rest of their world.

Special Islands:
Islands of four newly formed --and still forming-- realms of the Earth are of particular interest to the Inisfreeans because of how signature, 'alien', and eclectic they are.  They are the islands of the following realms:
  • Cloudmassland
  • Earth's Amoebic Sea (in the west-north-western region of the Pacific Ocean)​
  • Himalayas (yes, as of 2014 there are now many islands here)​
  • Shadowmassland
  • the floating mountains of (above) the Southern Atlantic Ocean​
  • the floating underwater mountains of the ​Northern Pacific Ocean

* The Hawaiian islands are now deep underwater, as are most of the islands of Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines.​​


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