Inisfreean Mansions News:  Professor Charles Francis Xavier's mansion; his 'School for Gifted Youngsters', now has its architectural clone here in Inisfree.
Inisfreean Mansions

​All mansions in Inisfree are grouped in this neighborhood based on their architectural style. Each mansion is an architectural clone of its form-sake in the Outlands, with the exception being that these buildings are indestructible.

Dimensions & Layout:
This neighborhood is one of the largest in Inisfree; spanning three quarters of a mile across one side, a quarter of a mile across the opposite side, and two miles along its long sides, it has about 27,878,400 square feet; 640 acres.  With 90 mansions and 10 country clubs in this neighborhood, each one has 278,784 square feet of space; nearly 6.5 acres. To give you an idea of how much room this is, the Biltmore House, America's largest mansion, has 175,000 square feet, so its architectural clone in this neighborhood has 103,784 square feet for its greenbelt; nearly 2.5 acres. Most mansions, however, are far smaller; usually about 30,000 or fewer square feet, meaning that those mansions' architectural clones here have 248,784 square feet for their greenbelts; nearly 6 acres. That's plenty of room even for a fulls-sized castle.

Special Features:

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  1. Biltmore Estate
  2. Champ d'Or Estate
  3. Flagler Museum
  4. Inisfada
  5. Playboy Mansion
  6. Professor Charles Francis Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
  7. Rosecliff Mansion - Rhode Island (from True Lies)
  8. Tony Stark's Malibu Mansion
  9. Wayne Manor
  10. Whitemarsh Hall

~10 Country Clubs
~20 from King's Gate
~20 from King's Ridge
~10 from Rockwall
~10 from Starwood
~20 from Willow Bend
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