Proving Grounds News:  Testing of StarCraft-style mobile-buildings is complete, resulting in improved mobile-house, Dropship, and Colony Pod technology.
The Proving Grounds
The Proving Grounds

Passing on the Torch of Knowledge:
Originally used to further develop NAZI hover technology (from the Haunebu projects) to make the floating buildings of StarCraft a reality, this swath of land far beyond the borders of the great city-nation was later used to develop the signature, egg-formed Dropships and frisbee-formed Colonypods used by the Inisfreeans to conquer and colonize innumerable other worlds and dimensions.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants:
Storm Troopers, adorned in their sacred and secretive, highly classified, space-worthy, A.I.-enhanced, power armor bodysuits sometimes literally stand upon the shoulders of their compatriot-piloted Battle Mechs; the 'Crunchy' close-end security element of the mechanized infantry of 'tomorrow'.

This Means War:
Always 'pushing the envelope', any spectator or participant will often see the blasphemously explosive deaths of entire formations of the city-sized colonization ships called by the Inisfreeans, "Colony Pods", as they 'duke it out' over the skies of this planet once inhabited by the demonic infection known as Humanity.  They (these ships), and many other ships like them, have been added to the chaotically jagged, sometimes molten, hellish surface terrain of the cratered and cave-network-pocketed demolition derby region known as Inisfree's Proving Grounds.  No nano-technical transmutation recycling efforts are made, nor are they allowed in this area; it is meant to remain as terrible, impassible, and scarred as possible, to further instill in those who venture there the usual nature of war.

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