Yachts News:  Three giant yachts now patrol Inisfree's main lake, while dozens more are available for time-shares from the nearby piers.
The Yachts of Inisfree

There are three main yachts reserved by the Governor.  They are:

The Golden Star:  
The largest of the three, this yacht weighs in at a whopping 300 million USD.  A near-clone of the Arabian original, this one has a few more luxurious augments.

The Oculus:
The smoothest architecturally of the three, this yacht blends the look of a whale's skull around its inner workings.

The Wally Power 118:
The fastest of the three, this yacht fuses a speed-boat with a luxury lounge and cook-out porch.

* Additional world-class yachts on Inisfree's main lake include:  
  ​Curvy Gold, ​​​Grooved Slipper, Nautilus, and the Xhibitionist.
Rent-able Yachts

Additional custom luxury yachts are available to citizens for rental and use upon Inisfree's Caribbean Lake, and guest rooms are available for rental aboard the the submarine-yacht, Nautilus.

To access the rentals, head to the Beach Strip and locate the nearest silo containing them.  They are stored in the same fashion as the automobiles in The Mansion's cylinder garage (link).  Identify yourself as a citizen by way of the HAN-scanners, view the holographic projection menu, and select the yacht you prefer simply by thinking about it.  The robotic arm and Repulsine lift in the silo will, within minutes, have your yacht floating up out of its ground-level top-hatch and easing its mass down into the crystal clear waters and white sandy shoreline shallows of the city's prized lake.

To rent a room aboard the Nautilus, use any computer in the city to log on to the FOB-Net, query that ship's webpage by the ship's name, view the cabin availability cross-section graphic, select your desired cabin, and, at the indicated time, board lake-side from the piers branching out from the Beach Strip.

The Grooved Slipper
Cake-top Under-bubble
Curve-top Under-bubble

Sunreef Blue Guru
Yacht-club Indoctrination Culture

An Inisfreean will first introduce his or her guests to the bed chambers so that they may deposit their personal effects and get settled in.  Next will come the bathingroom (aka 'bathroom') where they will offer to hand-wash them, followed by the observation decks where the breeze across the surface of the Caribbean Lake will air-dry them.  After that comes the walk-in wardrobe, where they may select from the fine garments made available on display, or from amongst their own.  The stairwells to the lounges and cozier bay window booths follow suit, where guests may converse until the chefs have prepared the next meal. Dining rooms with catered buffet lines and artisan presentations host each meal from break-fast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper, and midnight snacks.  To crown their stay aboard, the bridge is made open to them where they are offered a chance to steer at its helm.

Once oriented to the layout and atmosphere of the ship, they will be welcome to roam and relax as they please. Once inside Inisfree, it is universally understood that trust and confidence have already been thoroughly established.  There is no 'babysitting' there-within.

Post-Supper Accommodations

Guests are always welcome to wind down with a good book in the studies, be it in e-tablet or old-fashioned form.  Watching the Aurora Australis during the unique Inisfreean sunsets is also a must; Inisfree's position being upon a foundation just inside the curve of the opening to Agharta, allowing its citizens to catch more frequent, relative sunsets while the rest of their homeland continent seldom experiences them.

Depending on the size of the yacht, there may even be an entire swimming pool on the top deck, complete with landscaping and dozens of Inisfreean Companions.

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