Inverted Pyramid News:  This is the second major area, after the Underway, devoted to much Dwarven architecture.
Inverted Pyramid
The Inverted Pyramid

This subterranean structure is designed to reflect the Dwarves' tendency to build down and in, rather than up and out, and is decorated, furnished, and complemented with light fixtures inspired by Dwarven cities such as Belegost, Erebor, and Moria.  It is literally an inverted pyramid; going down instead of up, and being hollow, as a pit, rather than solid, and is a likely development of the Dwarves in the near to distant future.

Dimensions & Layout:
This 'hood has the same measurements as the basic form of the Luxor II hotel; roughly 1/4 of a mile across each of its four foundation sides, and has a central courtyard extending toward its lowest point, with suites arranged around its perimeter in balconies which grow successively smaller from ground-level to its lowest level where its four triangular sides converge on its central point.

Special Features: