Reef News:  Inisfree's Great Barrier Reef is now nearly 1.5 miles long, 100 feet wide, and 10 feet tall at its highest points.

Inisfreeans are architects, artists, engineers, nature lovers, and scientists, so it should come as no surprise that they have refined their sciences to the point at which they were able to make a structural and visual clone of Australia's Great Barrier Reef... and did. Inspired by that world-famous reef along Australia's northeastern coast, this one is just as diverse in colors and little tropical fish, crabs, and anemones.  Visible outside the windows of almost every underwater suite of Inisfree's Atlantis hotel, this version is free for you check out for yourself; simply don one of the complimentary couture wet-suits and other dive gear which come with every Atlantis suite, proceed through the nearest airlock (no compression chamber needed in this lake's environment), and swim around right outside your suite's window-walls to your heart's content.  You may also dive down from your jetski, yacht, or other personal watercraft from directly above.  

Expect to see a few nude Inisfreeans swimming out here along the bottom of this lake, too, as Inisfreeans don't need to breathe or don any gear no matter Where they go. What they Will do is offer to hold your hands and swim with you as they take you on a guided tour of both their beautiful underwater paradise there and anywhere Else you might love to go. And don't worry about hurting yourself, such as by getting cut by coral, because Inisfree's constructs are cleverly designed not to puncture, scrape, or otherwise harm you. This reef of theirs will feel smooth and soft to you, though indestructible if you try to tug on any piece of it.

Unique Texture:
Again, the coral making up the bulk of this reef is not sharp and cannot cut or otherwise hurt passersby.  Some of it will feel smooth, some of it, spongy, and some of it rather coarse, though it cannot, of course, cause damage to the flesh of any guest.  Like many of the surfaces built by the Inisfreeans, this one is also what is called a 'smart'-surface; same concept as a 'smart'-phone or 'smart'-car; it interacts, learns, and always works to improve how it helps those making use of it.

Special Features:
Upon very close examination, one will be able to see that Inisfree's reef here was made as a covering over its foundation of a chain-like formation of derelict aircraft carriers commandeered from the Outlands during (and, in a few cases, before) the Rapture Campaign.